Broken Hearts

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Broken Hearts

She walks, she smiles, she lies with every inch.

She looks at him and dies just that little bit more.

Inside her heart beats faster, breaking apart from the strain.

Inside I watch her tumble, into darkness' cold clutches.

I look at him, with hatred in my eyes,

I can't help but wonder, if its really him that I despise.

Because it could very well be me at the center of this fault.

Because I pushed her toward him, and locked her heart in his vault.

He looks back, and smiles a small smirk,

He sees what I cannot, the girl,

Behind my eyes, she slits those wrists,

Behind her lies, a razor remains sharpened, to fire at will.

I only know, I only know,

That she and I are in the same boat.

I only know, I only know,

That my wrists have been bloodied so,

For as long as I could know.

"Remember, remember,

The good times." she hopes.

I didn't have any.

Her heart may have been broken,

But mine was broken from the start.

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