Chapter 13 - A Dead Moon Rising

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The elevator in the lair dinged and Craig walked out of it. He was elated to see Laura who sat on the couches, smiling as she acknowledged his presence. Another elevator dinged and a man walked out. He was built like a Viking and his cloak even resembled an animal's hide. He eyed the two on the couch without saying a word and walked into Rex's office. A rift opened in the centre of the living room and out came Kuro and Owen along with Maxine and the three also made their way into Rex's office. Again, without saying a single word and just looking at Craig and Laura. Kuro was sweet enough to shoot them a smile at least. 
With that many people here to see Rex, Craig and Laura could not help but be super curious as to what was happening. Laura released herself from her body and walked over to the door, so as not to make noises of footsteps. She pressed her hand to the door in that any vibrations within the room would ripple through. But she couldn't feel a thing. Craig left his body on the couch as well and tried peeking through the keyhole. But all he could see was Rex's desk and empty chairs.

If anything, the members of The Order should never hide something from others. Especially if it could put their lives in jeopardy. Craig opened the door and kept his guard up for anything. 
However, the office was indeed empty. Laura wondered why then they would need to enter the building if they were just going to leave it. All that was in the office was a desk with Rex's chair, three chairs on the opposite side, to the right of the room was a coffee table with two couches, and the left side had three miniature built houses. This was not the first visit into his office and Craig and Laura knew this to be Rex's hobby of building these houses. They were each encased in glass and to truly admire the craftsmanship, you would require a magnifying glass to even look into the houses. 
The two of them thought it to be strange but left the office.

"No doubt they probably peeked into the office," the Viking man said. He was not actually a Viking at all. 
The third miniature house in Rex's office served as the meeting place for the guild masters of The Order, and those of guild master level in strength. By touching the glass and channelling one's essence into it, the core located in the foundation of the house would register your essence structure and teleport you into the house. Surrounding the house was sand; hills and dunes which stretched for kilometres yet from the outside of the glass, the model was only 1x0.5x0.5 in size. From inside the glass, all you would see when looking up (if you weren't in the house, of course) was a clear blue sky. 
"Let's get this meeting started," Kuro said.
At the table sat Kuro at the head, Rex at the foot. Founding master and current master would always take these positions at the table. The rest was welcome to sit wherever they pleased. 
Maxine and Owen were seated at the table and the other man was Sven. Stand-in Guild master of The Order in the 9th realm who Kuro had asked to watch over as he served his time here in the mortal realm. 
"As you all know, the Dead Moon will soon be upon us. This is the year we will finally move The Order back into the Underworld." Kuro said. The others had already known this as it was a plan that was discussed long before Rex was even a part of the guild.
"I, as well as the council, know that my exile has reached an end," Kuro added.
The Dead Moon was a moment that took place every thousand years in the mortal realm. Where the three primordial beings would seek the cleanse the shared realm. Grimm would send members of the council, the god of light would send their strongest as well as the god of sensation. It would be a day that the entire world ends and is restored, like a computer doing a full virus scan and ridding of the filth. To the religious, especially the Christians, this day was like Revelations. The souls of light from the second realm would be in charge of granting immunity to death and all attacks to every soul linked to its vessel. The souls of sensation would rid every ghoul of its darkness and corruption, returning the soul to its natural form. Reapers would reap each soul not deemed worthy by the light, assist in killing ghouls whose cores cannot be purged of corruption, and to fix the damages left over from doing all of these things. Wanderers, souls that remained in the mortal realm and never went to their designated realms or escaped from it, were also sought out by the reapers and killed or sent to imprisonment in the dungeons of the citadel in the Underworld. A place that no soul ever wants to be.
After the day ends and the new sun rises, every mind on the planet is cleansed without knowledge of the day before. Lapses in their thoughts are changed in that all memory of those they knew who were killed during Dead Moon is erased. 
Thousands of years ago, Kuro used the Dead Moon to escape from the Underworld and made his way into the mortal realm where he has remained hidden ever since. He has had to lay low and fight off reapers through three Dead Moons. Word from Sven a couple of hundred years ago was that the bounty on his head was to be lifted and that he would have to face trial to clear his charges. Evidence to his innocence has been found thanks to covert members of The Order.
Kuro was to use this next moon to go back home, in hopes to also bring Rex and the rest of The Order with him. Owen and Rex had never been the Underworld, and neither had Maxine as she was a demon from Hell; the realm of sin and sensation. It was something that needed discussion over and over but now was the time to finalise the move.
"If I may," Rex said, looking down, "I would like to remain here."
Kuro's face froze in shock and Owen's as well.
"The Underworld is very much your home, but I was born here in the mortal realm. This is my home." He explained.
"But Rex, all these years of discussing this..." Owen intervened.
"I know. I know. But what happens if Kuro's hearing doesn't go well? What happens to the rest of us?"
"We need to be together! All of us! It's safer that way," Maxine added.
"And just how do you, a demon, plan on getting into the Underworld? Hmm?" Rex asked and Maxine could not answer that, "The council would kill you in an instant."
He now looked to Kuro, "You and Owen fought valiantly during my first Dead Moon but it was a terrifying moment. I had a family and they were not deemed by the light and I was not around to save them as The Order came first. I hated the guild and left because of that. I came back, got trained by you two and became guild master. With this being my second moon... my four-year-old daughter..."
"I understand," Kuro said, although majorly disappointed as well. 
"This is why this meeting is important," Sven said, "But one more thing in question, Kuro."
Kuro and the rest looked towards Sven, "There is one more founding member of The Order missing from this table. Where is Nathan?"
The last time Sven had stepped foot in the mortal realm was when Nathan was next to become the guild master. Kuro and Maxine shared a look which Sven questioned.
"What happened since I've been gone all these years?"
"Nathan turned into a slayer," Kuro said.
"A what?"
"He formed his own guild, I guess you could call it, of wanderers."
"Is he aware of you leaving to go back home? The same realm that you were both born from?"
Kuro shook his head. 

Sven slammed his fists on the table and stood up to pace around the table.
"That man holds a forsaken blade. Do you have any idea how much of threat he is to The Order is he becomes an enemy? I hope nothing bad happened between the two of you."
"There's another forsaken reaper in his group..." Kuro said.
Sven could not believe what he heard, "That can't be possible."
"It's true," Maxine said, "I fought against her."
"Has she mastered its power? Which blade is it?"
"The blade of destruction," Kuro said.
That very blade was the top three of the thirteen forsaken blades to be feared. The blade of destruction increased the damage output of the wielder exponentially if there was something that the wielder could not defeat. There was no limit to how destructive it could become in battle. In addition to that, the blade granted all wisdom in battle, being able to pinpoint weak spots of any enemy. Much like meeting a giant wall, an army would begin with light artillery to break through until having to use stronger weapons to break it down. But even a scout would try to find a hole in the wall and the army would then attack through there. This was similar to how the blade worked - keep trying to break it down until you find a weak spot, then break through and obliterate.
"Two wanderers with forsaken blades..." Sven said, pursed lips and shaking his head, "He'll be killed for sure."
Sven sat back down, "No doubt that the council will send two members down to the mortal realm."
"The devastation they will cause," Kuro imagined, "All the more of a distraction for us to leave."
"You're just going to leave him here to be executed? Has the boy even mastered his blade?"
"Who's to say, Sven? I told you ages ago that I could not train him. I don't fight with a scythe!"
"Kuro, your broken reality that fighting barehanded makes you a superior fighter is foolish! That may have worked throughout your days at the academy, but this is the big leagues."
"I wouldn't have survived as guild master all these years if it was truly a lie."
Sven seethed with rage.
"Enough!" Rex yelled. "Kuro, you've managed to teach us all the basics of a scythe. But even Owen, who was once a monk, uses a weapon."
"He's right, Kuro," Owen spoke, "To be honest, in all my years I've never seen you fight. During the Dead Moons, all we've done is hide and lay low."
"You don't know the power that I yield. None of you does," Kuro said.
"Except Nathan, right?" Sven guessed and Kuro nodded.

The group took a break and each found a place in the sands to collect their thoughts until each returned to the table and began to formalise a plan. The plan was to convince Nathan and the slayers to come with The Order. The difficulty being that the council will immediately detect the foreign souls crossing in from the mortal realm and move to their location. If they could reach the 9th realm before getting caught, it was best that the fight take place there rather than in the mortal realm as they would have more members of the guild to assist in battle.
Rex was to stay here and continue the mission of The Order is keeping the balance of life and death in the mortal realm. Maxine was to also stay and Owen as well, seeing as he was drawn to protecting his monastery where he grew up and met Kuro.
With it being only Sven and Kuro leaving, there needed to be a discussion with the others. If it came down to nobody wanting to go with Kuro, then he may as well head out long before Dead Moon. 
But first, he had to do right and truly settle things with Nathan for it was Kuro's fault that he ended up in this realm in the first place. 
Sven was going to remain until Kuro did exactly that.
The meeting adjourned and the members left. Kuro remained and tried to plan many ways to execute this before the Dead Moon which was approaching in ten days.

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