Chapter 26

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Rose's pov

I took a deep breath and walked upto him. 'How are you feeling now?' I asked. He looked behind surprised but had a smile on his face as soon as he saw me. 'Much better now.' he said. I walked up to him and stood beside him admiring the view. 'You know, I really thought about what you said yesterday. Mom put my life before hers so that I could lead a better one. She will not be happy to see me sad. So, I have decided today Rose, I will  remember those memories of my mom which make me more and more happier. I know somewhere up in the sky she is having a happier time with the moon goddess and is also looking out for me.' he said with a peaceful expression on his face. I smiled looking at him. I was glad he was doing better.

He suddenly looked at me with such an expression that I blushed and looked down. 'Thanks for being there for me yesterday. It really meant a lot to me. And also I apologise about last night. I......... I' he trailed off.

'Its alright, I am just glad that you are okay.' I said with a smile. We both continued walking in a comfortable silence. Suddenly something dropped, I guess from one of his pockets. I bent down to pick it up. What I saw widened my eyes.

It was the same photo of me which was in his room but with a much smaller size. But what surprised mm e more was not the photo but the frame surrounding it. It was the one which was handmade by my mom. The one which broken by him.......

I looked uo at him surprised and he looked tensed. It was as if he was debating whether he should quickly snatch the frame from my hand or not. 'You fixed it?' I asked him in a low voice. He took a deep breath and said, 'Well, after you left I tried to fix it and then saw this video online which gave a tutorial about how to do it....... you know. And that picture was quite cute... You were not there as well so the frame was handy and small so I put the picture in there and it just felt closer... I mean I felt closer to you.. No no I mean I felt closer to my mate which is you..........' he trailed off. I hated to admit it but he sounded like a teenage boy in front of his crush.

'You.... You can keep that frame.. I mean it belongs to you. I just fixed it because I felt really bad about that time...' there was an awkward silence. He took a deep breath and composed himself, 'Rose, if you want that frame I will give it to you because it belongs to you all the way I just want the photo I mean it is yours as well but..' I held a hand up and stopped him. 'You can keep it with you... For now.' I said to him. The memory related to the frame, we both did not wasn't to remember it.

Heck, I still was getting over the fact that he was carrying a picture of me everywhere it went. I can't believe that he, the most feared alpha in the whole world actually followed an online tutorial on handmade photo frames. I smiled a little bit and asked, 'Dinne is going served soon, should we return to the pack house?'. He nodded.

But as soon as we began walking I suddenly tripped and was about to have a nasty fall, 'Careful!' alexander shouted. I braced myself for it but I didn't fall down. I opened my eyes to see Alexander. He was holding me by the waist.

Both my hands were wrapped around his shoulders. I got lost into dark, warm brown eyes. We were close, very close. Lily was purring inside my head. Our lips were inches apart from each other. My breathing was becoming heavy. I think he was thinking the same thing. In the moment with just the two of us, I couldn't hold myself back and closed my eyes and leaned forward and do did he.

Our lips touched each other and it felt like fireworks erupted in my whole body. My one hand was  wrapped around his shoulders while the other ran through his hair. While his firmly gripped my waist. Suddenly his tongue was licking my lips and softly bit my tongue which made me gasp a little bit. He suddenly slipped his tongue in and started exploring my mouth while tightening his hold on me.

I never thought that I would be standing over here having a fully blown Makeout session with him. But suddenly I snapped back to reality. What the hell was I doing? I pulled back from gasping for air. He was panting as well. He realised that as well and took his hands away from my waist while I removed mine from his shoulders.

I took a step back and said, 'I gotta go.' and ran towards the pack house without looking back with only one thought in my head, 'What the hell had just happened? Did I just have my first kiss? With him?!'. I ran inside the pack house straight to my room and slumped down on the bed touching my lips still processing today's day.

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