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Leo Valdez figured they would end up flying right where they wanted to go like it had been with the raft. Another part of him thought they would end up somewhere in the middle of the ocean, maybe even with an army of angry monsters waiting to attack them. He was used to things like that happening. The thing he was not expecting, however, was flying into Mount Olympus.

"Things have changed since I've been here last," Calypso commented as she beheld the city before her. Then she became worried. "Leo, what if we were drawn here because I'm not allowed to leave my island? What if they make me go back?"

His hands gripped Festus tighter, his eyes flashing with determination as they drew closer to Olympus. "Percy said the gods made an agreement to forgive those who fought for their parents in the past wars. You were technically supposed to be allowed freedom a long time ago, sunshine, and if they try to make you go back they'll get a fireball full of Leo's fury! Better yet, I'll light myself on fire and hurl myself at them!"

She managed a laugh, but suddenly they found themselves transported into the throne room of Olympus. Festus landed with a small whirring noise in the middle of the room, Leo and Calypso sliding off his back when they saw that every major god, besides Apollo, was assembled. The moment they slid off his back, the dragon clanked his way over to Hephaestus who then began scratching the dragon's chin as if he were a common pet.

"Son," the god of fire, crafts, and blacksmiths addressed. "You have made me so very proud. First you manage to be the first son to inherit my fire-wielding abilities and make more beautiful creations like Festus here, but you also managed to scatter Gaea's consciousness so far that she will not be capable of reforming for a long, long time. Not only did you defeat her, but you died a hero's death only to come back and be the only one in existence to find Ogygia twice. That is quite a list of feats, Leo. You did very well."

For once Leo didn't feel like cracking a joke. He knew how rare it was for demigod parents to praise their children, openly in front of the other gods even, and he didn't want to ruin the moment.

"Thanks, daddio."

"I must admit," Zeus spoke from where he sat upon his throne, "even I am mildly impressed by your accomplishments, grandson."

"Mildly impressed? Leo McShizzle is anything but mild! I'm literally the hottest guy ever! I—"

Calypso covered his mouth with a hand and smiled at Zeus apologetically. "Continue, Lord Zeus. He crash-landed one too many times."

The king of the gods merely glanced at Hephaestus as if to say Your child is strange. before turning his attention to the matter at hand.

"I feel like it is only fair to offer you the same deal I offered to your friend Perseus Jackson after he defeated Kronos in the battle against the titans. You proved to be just as brave as he in your fight with Gaea. Although it pains me to ask, would you be interested in becoming a god?"

Leo didn't give the offer a second thought before answering. "Become a god? I'm already a god! As long as I have Calypso, Festus, and my friends I don't need anything."

"Your answer is similar to that of your friend, but let me ask, Leo Valdez, would give up immortally when you know the one you love beside you is immortal? She will never age, child, while you will grow old and die. Do you want to give up the only chance at being able to live together with her, or would you rather age with your friends and leave Calypso alone once you've passed into the Underworld? Choose wisely."

This time Leo did not shout back a silly retort. Did he want to become immortal and live forever with Calypso? If he did that he would have to watch all of his friends grow old without him and eventually die. But if he didn't choose to become a god, Calypso would end up being all alone in the future. He couldn't break her heart. But he also didn't want to pass up his chance at being that one old guy that speeds, gets pulled over by the cops, and pretends to have dementia and say he forgot what the speed limit was so he could get out of a ticket.

Calypso seemed to sense his struggle. With a small smile, she faced Zeus with all of the courage she'd acquired during her long, long life. "Lord Zeus, I have an offer for you."

He frowned at the goddess. "I have not made you an offer, so what makes you think you can make one for me?"

"Please hear me out. Instead of making him immortal, for his bravery can you make me mortal? I am willing to give up my status as a god and my immortality so he can be with his friends and not have to worry about hurting me."

"Calypso..." Leo was so shocked and heart warmed by what she said he could only stare as Zeus prepared an answer.

"I suppose if that if what you truly desire, and you too, Leo Valdez, then I can make that happen. However, if I make you mortal you must stay mortal. Are you okay with that?"

Grabbing the soot-covered hand of the boy next to her, she nodded. "I am. Leo, are you okay with this?"

He blinked out of his stupor and managed a nod.

There seemed to be a twinkle in Zeus's eyes, and when Leo looked at his father he found a similar look in his as well. Suddenly Calypso's body was covered in a bright light. Leo had to look away for a moment until it went away, which it did a few seconds later.

"You are now mortal, Calypso. I have left you with the gift of healing, and your signature is that of a demigod. I hope you fair well."

"Thank you, Lord Zeus."

Much to her surprise, Leo spun her into his arms where he hugged her close. "Thank you so much. You'll never know what this means to me, Sunshine."

Calypso felt herself overcome with emotion, but passed it off under a fake grin. "I am only returning the favor, you idiot. Now let's show your friends that you're alive."

He grinned back at her. "And that this boy-who-lived brought a friend."

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