The Beginning

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Hi.  My name is Jennifer.  I am a witch.  I know the world for what it truly is. Unfair, Evil, and Deceptive...  But even in this cruel world there is purity.  I found it in love.. Love I almost lost... Love I died for...  This is my story of love and my life renewed. 

Chapter 1

I love the feeling of the crisp morning air caressing my skin.  Even though its cold I stay a little longer.  As I walked back inside I flipped my open sign to my store.  When i graduated high school my mother gave me the rights to her store.  It's a cute little wiccan shop called 'The Lifting Light'.  We sell home-made candles, lotions and teas.  Among other things we also offer protection spells and healing chants however we only perform white magic.  For those of you who don't know or understand,  magic has 3 colors. Black, Grey, and White.  Black magic is meant to do harm on others and summon creatures of the underworld.  Grey could do harm or do good, but you really can't know how it will turn out. White is only used to do good and put demons back into their place.  What we cast comes back to us three fold, meaning what we do to others, good or bad, will happen to us times three.

"Ah yes. It's going to be a good day. I can feel it." My best friend Kassie said with a smile.

"To you it's always going to be a good day." I smiled back.  I love Kassie.  Her positive outlook could cheer up someone on death roe.  She had fiery red hair that lit up the room.  The long brown dress she wore touched the floor and her aura shone yellow in happiness.  I wore a blue-green hooded shirt and brown skinny pants. My aura was a calm blue. We smiled at each other as i started to take inventory of the shelves.

"Jen do you ever think I will get married? You know.. Find the perfect guy and have a family."

"I don't know Kas. Where is this comming from?"

"I am turning 23 soon and I'm just wondering."

"Of course you will.  Falling in love takes time. You know that. As you always say, 'stay positive and positive things will happen'. Right?"

"Yea. I know, I know. You're right and I'm right." 

I smiled and continued stocking shelves.  Honestly I have been wondering the same thing about myself lately.  After John I gave up on relationships.  He broke my heart too many times.  Granted that was five years ago and I haven't been with anyone else since.  Healing is always hard.

"Hey its my girls!" 

"Tyler!!" We yelled in unison as we ran to give him a hug. I looked over his shoulder as a somewhat famillier face walked behind him.

"Who is this?" Kas asked inspecting the new visiter.

"Oh this is Nick. You guys met him before at the masquerade two years ago."

"Hey yea I remember." I said and smiled and gave him a hug. Memories flooded into my mind.


I walked in a bit nervous. Being new to the group I didn't have many friends. Tyler dressed as the phantom of the opera ran over and grabbed my arm and started introducing me to people. There is no way I was going to remember all these people. One guy did catch my eye. Tyler noticed i was looking and pulled me to introduce me.

"Nick this is Jenny. Jen this is Nick." he said with a smile.  Nicks aura shown a reddish brown. It meant he was going threw a lot of changes. 

"It's very nice to meet you." I said as I shook his hand.  He was stronger than he looked.  His short light brown hair was a bit of a mess but it made him adorable.  His plain blue eyes were soothing. He was dressed like Zorro and was very tall.  He took my hand bowed and kissed it. My face grew hot from the gentle touch. I pulled my hand away remembering the past.

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