chapter seven

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I glance down at the time on the dashboard of my truck as I pull into the neighborhood. It's five minutes past 11:00 AM and I'm running late for the interview. 

Ryan didn't waste any time setting up a time for us to do the interview. After going over the time and date we decided on meeting at my place since her roommate was hosting a study group at her apartment this morning. Glancing into the rearview mirror I spot my mom's red Honda Civic following behind me and I can just make out her and Olivia's silhouettes.

I hadn't planned to go out to breakfast with them this morning, especially since Fridays are one of my only days to sleep in, but when I woke up to a FaceTime call from Liv who was walking into Over Easy, my favorite diner just down the road, it didn't take much persuading to get me to join them.

I would have made it back in time if it wasn't for my mom's uncanny ability to make friends with everyone she meets. After picking up the bill, I was seconds away from sliding out of the booth and heading back to the house to meet Abby before my mom decided to delve into a full conversation with the waitress about her daughter who also attends WSU.

Abby texted me while they were mid-conversation to tell me that she was here for the interview and I quickly apologized that I wasn't back yet and told her to feel free to wait inside for me. That was ten minutes ago.

I tried to politely excuse myself, but my mom insisted that she needed to get her Tupperware back, and after I had forgotten to bring it home to her the last three times I visited, she figured she might as well get it now while she's near campus.

As I pull into the driveway, I notice the black Jetta parked right out front. Glancing around the driveway, all three of my roommates' cars are also here. Well, two cars and one motorcycle.

Mom and Olivia are out of the car and walking up the driveway by the time I lock my car and I remind them again that I have a school project to work on so they can't stay too long. My mom waves me off and Olivia ignores me as she blanches at the Audi sitting in the driveway.

"Whose car is that?" I had a similar reaction when I saw it for the first time when McConnell pulled up on move-in day.

"Luke's," I say as I push open the front door and stand back so they can walk in before me. I glance absently at the couch where all three of my roommates are sitting, their eyes glued to the flat screen tv as the sound of an automatic gun being fired in quick succession fills the room.

"Behind you!" Micah's voice bellows through the room and a new round of gunshots fires. I glance into the kitchen but frown at the empty room. If she's not in here or in the living room where would she be?

Down the hall, a flush sounds from the bathroom and I relax a little. So they didn't scare her away then.

My mom and sister follow me into the kitchen and I groan at the three boxes of beer sitting on the kitchen island and the handle of Captain Morgan propped on the empty pizza box next to the refrigerator.

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