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The Eves and Servamps were just chilling outside of the room when Hyde came out.

Licht: Oi, shit rat! What took you so long?!

Hyde:*laughs* Were you that excited to see me angel~babe?~

At his words, Licht began blushing so many shades of red that he could put anything red to shame.

Licht: Like hell I was!

Hyde: Whatever you say Lichtan!~

Then Hyde turned to the others.

Hyde: Hey guys, could you give me and Lichtan some privacy?

Eves and Servamps: Sure.

The Eves and Servamps then left the hallway leaving Hyde and Licht alone. Once they left, Hyde let down his cheerful mood and it was replaced with nervousness.

Hyde:*gulps* H-hey Lichtan?

Licht was surprised. His normally outgoing and cheerful and bubbly Servamp was standing right here in front of him nervously.

Licht: Oi, shit rat. What's wrong with you? Your acting differently.

Hyde:*laughs nervously* W-Well you see, I wanted to tell you something and I have no idea at how you would react to it.

Licht: Well spit it out already!

Hyde just put his head down and began mumbling something.

Licht: Speak up! I can't hear you!

Hyde just began mumbling a little louder and Licht was getting even more irritated.

Licht: Shit rat!

Hyde then spoke louder so that Licht could hear him.

Hyde: I always wanted to feel love and be loved. But I couldn't find the person that made me feel so many positive emotions. I thought that it was Ophelia, but when I looked back, I didn't even feel the way that I feel now when I'm with you. And when she died, I became broken. Killing all my Eves once I got bored of them. But when I met you for the very first time, my heart began beating faster and faster. At first, I thought that it was excitement that I found a new Eve, but now I know that it was actually love at first sight. We have already been so much together. I wanted to kill you so badly and move on, but I couldn't bare the thought of it. I wanted to kill you, but my emotions wouldn't allow it. That's when I realized that I was attached to you. And I didn't want to find a new Eve. But when Tsubaki happened, and he kept the both of us captive and you broke through the wall, and I saw how hurt you were, my first thought was to kill whoever hurt you. I didn't know what I was feeling and I was so confused about it so I bottled it all up. And even though I was this empty and emotionless shell of what I used to be, you made me want to live and feel genuine emotions. You helped me when no one else would. You have given me so, so, so much Licht. And I don't want to lose you to anyone else. But after a talk with Author-Chan, she made me realize something. I love you Licht.
I love you so much that it hurts and I can't bare the thought of you being with someone else.

All throughout Hyde's confession, Licht's eyes began slowly widening. And when Hyde finished his confession, Licht was close to crying. He didn't know why. He was an angel and Hyde a demon. So why did Hyde while confessing, sounded like an angel with the amount of emotions that were pouring out and leaking into the very air? But Licht realized that he feels the same way. I mean, whenever someone sees how weird he is with his angelic demeanor, they'll usually leave him alone and call him crazy. But not Hyde. In fact, he was the complete opposite. Instead of getting away from him, he just made up a routine where when Licht projected his angelicness Hyde would just begin to egg him on and tell people how much of angel Licht really is. Licht wouldn't admit this to anyone, but that made him very happy.

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