chapter 10-Nurse Avi

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Her eye had turned to a yellowish green color to signal improvement, but of course, that couldn't be the end of it.

"What's wrong with your eye?" Avi asked, face creased with worry.

"Ask Kevin." She mumbled, pinching the bridge of her nose in pain.

She had not been feeling well at all recently. Her nose was runny, she was coughing, and almost a hundred percent sure she had a fever.

"Kirstie? What's wrong? You don't seem like yourself." Avi asked with a frown that morning. He hated seeing her unhappy.

"Feel bad." She sighed.

"Awe, poor baby." Avi soothed, pushing her hair back behind her ear. "Do you want to go home?"

"No! Test later." She explained. She didn't need anyone thinking she was taking it because she was stupid.

"Kirstie, you really should go home. You need to get better." Avi tried to convince her. "I'll come over and watch you."

"Not stupid." She sighed out sadly.

"I never said you are, why would yo-" he broke off mid-sentence as he realized what she meant.

"Oh! Kirstin, missing a test because your sick is okay. You can make it up tomorrow." He smiled reassuringly at her, "It won't count against your grade."

Kirstie was still quite unsure and decided to try and get through the day.

All five boys tried to convince her to go home, but she was determined to last.

At lunch, they were all talking quietly together.

"Kirst, could you eat something, please? It would make me feel better." Avi asked her politely. She complied and began to eat her meal, although she wasn't sure if she could keep it down.

Apparently, her suspicions were right, and she ended up losing said lunch in the trash can about ten minutes later.

The school nurse told her to head home and allowed Avi to sign himself out since they only had non-academic classes left in the day.

"I told you that it's okay to go home if you don't feel good." The bearded male told her.

"Sorry." She smiled sadly, earning a comforting hand on her thigh.

"It's alright. I guess it's time to put nurse Avi to work." He joked, earning a soft giggle.

He drove to his home, crying the woman up to his room. He placed her in bed and went to grab some Advil for her up-coming headache.

"Here, take this." He gave her the pills with some water. She nodded, downing the medicine with water. Avi then checked her temperature.

"102° F, wow Kit, you're burning up." He smoothed her back into a ponytail and away from her face.

Kirstin nodded, making a small noise of discomfort. Avi cooed, putting an ice pack on top of her forehead.

He ran back and forth between checking on her and preparing a bowl of soup he hoped would make her feel better.

Avi went to work, doing almost everything for her. Kirstie giggled at his actions, her parents had never pampered her this much for being sick.

Eventually, she requested a movie and Avi obliged. Turning on Disney's "Lion King" he crawled in next to her.

Only a little over half way through the movie, Kirstie fell asleep, huddled against his chest for warmth.

Soft snores escaped her lips as she slept. Avi grinned widely, sending a quick video of it to the boys.

As far as the Kaplan was concerned, no one could be more adorable than she was at this moment, or in general.

When the timer went off, he stealthily slipped away and prepared two bowls, setting them on the night-stand.

Sitting down next to her, he chuckled at her bed-head look.

Kirstie stirred in her sleep, whimpering in pain as she clenched her stomach. Avi rubbed her back gently.

Her eyes fluttered open, blinking at daylight of the day-light.

"Morning, Sleepy-head. Are You hungry?" He asked her.

She nodded shyly and thanked him for the food. They are quietly together, the girl's eyes grew wide at the taste.

"Great food!" She praised him, earning a chuckle. "I'm glad you like it, Kit-Kat."

The two talked quietly for a few more minutes before Kirstie's eyelids began to grow heavy.

"Sleep?" She asked him for permission, to make sure it wouldn't upset him. Avi nodded happily, slipping under the covers next to her.

Kirstie subconsciously scooted closer to the green-eyed-male.

Avi smiled, wrapping an arm around her waist to pull her close. Kirstin made her signature, "happy squeal" as he held her close. Her breathing regulated and the little puffs of air left her mouth in a soothing motion.

Once Avi was sure she was asleep he mumbled the words.

"I love you, Kirstin." Into her hair as she slept. He truly meant it.  Everything about her was lovable, from her side smile to her snores.

He knew he wanted to make her his. But how could he do that without starting her away?

Kirstie was the first girl he had ever felt this strongly about. Sure, he had a  girlfriend's in the past, but none of them made his heart flutter the way Kirstie did.

Kirstie felt the exact same way. She had never felt the love from someone outside of her family before, and Avi did it flawlessly.

He made her feel special, worth it,

He made her truly happy.

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