Chapter Twenty-One

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A/N; if you listen to the song above while reading it makes it ten times more emotional:)

"How did you get away from Amber?" Carlos asks as soon as Sammy stepped into the van.

"She dropped me off, she let me go." Sammy says and Carlos scoffs, then looks over at Duncan.

"You're still alive? Well look at you, you're a fighter!" Carlos smiled and Sammy looked back  at Duncan.

"What's he talking about?" Sammy asks and Duncan scratches the back of his head.

"I may or may not be dying." Duncan mumbles and coughed slightly.

"What?" Sammy looked at Duncan, hoping that he was kidding.

"We're going to leave you two to talk. Jonathan, get Carlos." Lauren says. Jonathan walked over to Carlos and released his bindings, Carlos didn't try to escape, he went quietly.

"They don't believe that I'm actually dying. They think I'm just sick and that it'll go away, but it's my body and I know when something isn't right. I grew up in a hospital because my immune system isn't great, but after having tons of sicknesses as a kid I know what it feels like to just be sick. I'm not just sick, something is wrong and I'm not going to make it much longer." Duncan started to cry but he wiped his eyes before the tears fell.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Sammy asks and moves to where he's sitting beside Duncan.

"I just saw you for the first time since you were took away, how was I supposed to just blurt that out? I haven't told Lauren or Daisy that I don't have long, I want to last long enough to help you guys fight Amber." Duncan shrugged. Sammy ran a hand through his hair and Duncan could tell he was about to cry as well.

"What...What exactly is happening to you? How do you know you're dying?" Sammy asks

"I'm coughing up blood at least four times a day, sometimes more." Duncan says and forces himself to make eye contact with Sammy. "When I die-"

"Don't say that." Sammy cut Duncan off and looked away.

"If...if i die, look in my book, on the best page of our story." Duncan says "Don't look until I die, please."

"Our story?"

"You'll know when it's time."

Sammy started crying more, he couldn't help himself.

"Sam...I don't want this to upset you, any of you. I want you to know that after I'm gone I'll be with the love of my life, Wren and I will look after you. I know it sounds cheesy but I've always been the religious type that believes in life after death." Duncan says and pats Sammy's shoulder.

"I just want to go back to the night we met, in the dorm room, before I became a monster." Sammy put his head in his hands and sat there.

"Sam, If you hadn't of become a vampire we'd all be dead right now. You're no monster. The night we met will always be the best chapter."

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