look before you turn around

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As I arrive at the parking lot my eyes search for Ella

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As I arrive at the parking lot my eyes search for Ella. I see the trees and I notice the leaf floating with the wind. I take a minute to stare at them, they remind me in some way of a whisper, a mysterious whisper, like they are communicating with the wind or dancing to the music of the wind. I freeze and I don't notice how stupid I look.

I mean imagine a big guy, super good looking, muscular and blonde hair like the angles made it themselfs, standing in front of some trees, with the head slighlty angeled to the side, watching the leaf move. Must be a funny view.

"Hi" I hear Ella say. I turn to the side with a quick motion and I could swear I just lost a quiet but high voiced scream. Maybe she didn't notice I tell myself as I start blushing again.

"Oh eh Hi Ella " I answer, putting my left arm behind my head with the goal to look like I'd be flexing my arm muscles but I actually look like I air my armpit. Argh!

"did you just scream? I bet I scared you ! Didn't I?" she says and laughs at me.

If this would be any other girl I'd be pretty pissed right now but it's Ella. This beautiful creature who amazes me everytime I see her.

I don't know why I dream about her in the first place but I don't get either why I feel so comfortable around her I mean I barely know her and I can't get over the fact that I feel like there is something connecting us.

"No, I wasn't scared! I'm never scared! I'm Brandon and not a little girl ! "
As soon as I finish my scentence I become aware of how stupid my try to protect my masculinity must sound.

" Oh okay I accept this attempt of you trying  to stay attractiv to me, I get it. " she says and smirks at me.
I think she's using irony?
"So Brandon you wanted to tell me something? " she continues.

Oh dammit what shall I say now? I'm not ready to lose this thing I have with her. Wait!
Do I even have a thing with her ?
I'm not sure. But either way what do I do now?

"well Ella I wanted you to know that.." I make a pause and try to find something that I could say .
"that what Brandon?" she asks and looks at me with this enchanting green eyes that make your blood freeze and boil at the same time.

" that ... that..." come on Brandon you're being ridiculous!
Now or never! Say something.

"That ..... I like your hair! " I scream at her because I'm so nervous and I just can't control my vocal cordes right now.

"You know it smells like plants, euh I mean like good plants you know? Not the ones that stink. I mean that'd be weird if I like your hair because it stinks I euh yeah I just wanted you to know that ... that I really like your hair and its smell.... I gues? " I pull the "I gues" longer then I should be allowed and my voice is high pitched.

Omg why did I just say that first of all ? I mean really ? Now she will propably never speak to me again because she thinks I constantly smell on her hair ? And second of all why did I just finish with : I gues?

How embarrassing can a person be?
please god I hope I just pass out and never wake up again.
I look at her with my eyes wide open and I'm pretty sure she can see the panic in my eyes.
I wait.

Ella clears her throat.
"Well, that wasn't what I expected but thanks. I gues?" she says and I'm pretty sure she just said that because she has sympathy for me.

" I have to go now because we will be leaving soon and I think I gotta throw up. I'm so sorry Ella, I just mess up everything. Please just keep your shampoo I think its really good and ehm yeah bye! " I say and I turn as fast around as I can.

While I'm turning my eyes widen again as I see a big brown wall coming near my face. In the moment I realize what is happening I feel a overwhelming pain in my front and my nose. I collapse.

Yeah I bet you know what just happened. I just ran into the tree and fell. In front of Ella. Can this world be any worse?

I'm passed out. Unconscious.
In my state of "not being there" I can't hear anything at first but as the seconds pass by  a sound appears from far.

Beeep, Beeep, Beeep...

What is that sound? I know this sound from somewhere I just can't recall it.
I think it sounds like the thing they use in hospitals to controle your heartbeat.

Why do I hear that? Why do I even ask myself that I mean I'm passed out I shouldn't be able to think right now or should I? Is being passed out not supposed to be like a nothingness?
Like a black screen?

I also hear a womans voice say:
"frequency is okay! It may have been just a small arrythmic episode! "


Why do I hear that and where is it coming from? But I somehow know this voice.
I will find out who's voice this is later but for now I have to get back to consciousness and run away from Ella as fast as I can so I can't make more mistakes and no more jokes out of me.
Hi guys so I made this chapter for the ones who told me they want me to continue the book! I can't say thank you enough for your lovely messages and comments! I will post the rest of the book so the entire book in one day but I'm not sure when exactly because I have exams right now ! So take this as a small
glimpse of what is to come!
I just need to say that this book will
take a very special and unique plot twist and I hope you will like it and not hate me for it xoxo I love you and please comment and vote and tell me what you think ! ❤️❤️

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