Chapter 9

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Katie's Pov later that night.
It was later that night and Y/N still hadn't come home. I called her not expecting her to answer but she did. "I know that your mad but are you going to come home because their is still more to the story". "I'm at the door right now". "Oh ok".

As soon as she said that the door opened and there she was with food. "I got pizza and sprite because I ended up in the pizza shop somehow". "Oh well are you ready now or". "Yes I'm ready and I'm sorry I shouldn't have left like that and I wish I didn't because the whole time I was worried about if you were ok but I was only thinking about myself and I'm sorry. So are you ok". "Stop worrying about me I'm fine it's you I'm worried about I should've told you but I never did and I regret it and I love you I really do and if you want to leave me I understand".

"Why would I leave you I told you no matter what you tell me I will still love you I just needed to calm down and I am so you can continue the story now". "Ok".

"The person I keep arguing with on the phone is Tom. I told him to at least let me see her or tell you. He said if I told you he would hurt you or hire people to do it. And he said he wasn't going to let me see her. So then I called my lawyer to look at the papers and find something to break the contract. But we couldn't the only way we would be able to break it is to destroy both copies of them". "I have two questions". "Go ahead".

"What's the name of the baby". "Elayah". "And how old is she". "She's 1 almost 2".

"Look I'm going to help you get the baby and it's really simple". "Are you sure that you want to help because if I get her I want her to stay in my custody". "Yes I'm going to help but we need to get a picture of your wrist and when this is over you me and Elayah will be living in this house together".

"But for now I'm getting you a doctors appointment for tomorrow and your going to get your wrist checked out because I think it's fractured and call the set and tell them you can't come in for the rest of the week". "Ok".

"One more thing come here".  I walked towards her and she kissed me. "I love you and I always will now let's go to sleep because today has been emotional and exhausting" she said while taking my hand and lightly pulling me to the bedroom.

I cuddled up next to her and we fell asleep.

The next day
Your POV:
I woke up and Katie was still asleep. I stared at her while she was sleeping. Even after everything that happened she made me fall in love more and more each day with her.

Later that day
Still your POV:
Me and Katie we're watching tv when I paused the show to talk to her. "So we have to leave in a couple of minutes to go to the doctor". "Ok let me go get my jacket". She got her jacket then we left.

All she needed was an X-ray  and when she got the X-ray we waited for the doctor to tell us what was wrong. The doctor came in and told us she had a fracture. Before she left I asked for the X-rays. She gave them to me and we left.

"Now we're going to your lawyer". "Why". "This should be enough evidence to prove that his house isn't stable and that a child is dangerous to be around him he also could be put in jail so he can't touch you again and I suggest you get a restraining order against him too and then make up your own contract on whether he should be able to see her or not". "Oh ok but if you go in with me you can't talk about the baby because I would be braking the contract and I'd be in trouble and I don't know what would happen after that". "Ok I won't talk about it".

We got to her lawyers office and showed her the stuff. She asked me to leave and I knew they were going to talk about the baby.

Katie's Pov:
"Let me tell her about the baby because she's going to be in court with me when it happens". "Fine you can tell her but tell her that if anybody asks she saw the papers and that's how she found out". "Ok thank you". "Ok you can go now I'll call you when I've got a court date". "Thank you so much". "Anytime".

Then we left.

A/n: I'm not going to write the whole court trial because I'd don't feel like it.

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