Grocery shopping

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"Add 4 cards." Thor said as he slapped his 4th one down.

"What! This is unfair why do you have so many?" Peter asked tossing his large stack of cards on the table, crossing his arms and pouting.

Thor, Peter, and Tony were the only people at the stark tower, everyone else was out on missions and doing hero work.

"No reason." Thor said sounding oddly suspicious.

All of the sudden Tony came into to nearly empty conference room the two were using as a game room, and put a piece of paper on the table.

Peter picked it up and it had a list of groceries on it.

"Can you two go to the store and pick this stuff up then just drop the groceries off in the kitchen, I would do it myself but I'm a billionaire and why would I when I could hire someone to do it for me." Tony said sitting down in one of the chairs.

"So we're getting paid." Peter said enthusiastically.

"No your not getting paid kid, I just did that for dramatic affect." He said as Peter frowned. But regardless he obeyed and went to leave the room to go buy the things on the list.

"Bye spidey have fun." Thor said propping his feet on the table.

"Woah woah woah, first off you're going with him and second off get your feet off my table." Tony said hitting his feet with a newspaper.

Peter turned around.

"Wait why do I have to go with him now." Thor said.

"Because I want the kid to go because he's responsible," He coughed "-at times."

"Hey!" Peter said crossing his arms.

"You know it's true," Peter pouted "and you will go with him because I need him to have an adult with him so they don't seem suspicious when a fifteen year old struts in there buying all this food." Tony said sternly.

"Fine I'll go, what do you want to pay with?" Thor asked. Tony pulled out his wallet and took out a credit card and tossed it to Thor.

"Use that, and so help me if you lose it I will kill you, and kid I will not hesitate to ground you, you basically live here under my rules, got that." He said sternly.

"Got it Mr. Stark." Peter said as Thor just waved his hand at him, and they both walked out together.

"Hey spidey." Thor stopped.

"Uhm Yes Thor?" Peter asked.

Thor walked over to Peter, knelt down and whispered in his ear, Peter smirked.


The pair, both laughing zipped down the hall way, Peter in his suit and Thor now had his hammer.

They bolted out of the front door of the tower, ignoring the interrogation FRIDAY was trying to give them. They were mid process in a race.

Thor was flying around and Peter was swinging building to building. Determined Peter took a shortcut through an alley way, nearly knocking over a hotdog seller in the process.

"Sorry!" Peter yelled back in response. He was just about to reach the supermarkets perimeter entrance, Thor came flying out from behind him and landed gracefully onto the ground.

Peter determines not to be late went as fast as he could before a pidgin flew right in front of him and as he tried to dodge it he ended up getting a not so graceful landing right on his face.

"Oww." Peter mumbled. Thor only laughed.

"Here's spider." Thor walked over to the kid and stuck out a hand, which Peter gladly took.

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