Chapter 10

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He's gonna get killed ! Nathan thought panting a little.

Go to your room, I don't wanna see you close to that door ! Anderson said sternly.

What am I gonna do ?! What am I gonna do ?!, his not gonna let me out. I gotta think !. Nathan try thinking for a solution.

Do you want me to come get you ? Anderson asked with a frown.

N-no Nathan said scanning the room with his eyes for and idea, while Anderson slowly match to him.
LOOK ! A white wolf ! Nathan screamed pointing to the stairs. Anderson turn to the stairs and saw nothing, he turn back just to see no one, his eyes furrowed in anger.

Nathan Williams !!! He screamed

Nathan climbed the wall, landing on his feet, he ran straight to the forest, allowing his heart to lead him, he ran as fast as he could.

Ahhhhh ! He heard Ethan screamed, he ran in the direction of the sound. He froze when he saw Ethan.

The wolf was towering a terrified Ethan on the floor.

Hey beast ! Nathan threw a rock on the wolf cursing it to looked at his direction totally forgetting about Ethan.
Uh oh ! Nathan mumbled running away, while the wolf chased him. He stopped in front of a tree, he was block ! He needs claws to climb the giant slippery tree. But he couldn't change to a wolf. The big brown wolf slowed down noticing the situation. Nathan could swear he saw the wolf smirk.

He closed his eyes, thinking it was his last moment, but was proved wrong, when he suddenly felt courage. Then came his wolf. When he opened his eyes, to his surprise he was a little ginger WOLF ! Just like Ethan. He climbed the tree, trying to escape the other wolf, but it followed behind him. Nathan jumped down the tree. The brown wolf spring on him, grabbing his foot with its teeth . He let out a cry, that came out as a whine. When he was released, he slowly stood on three feet.

This is the end ! Little ginger wolf ! you saved your brother's life, but what of yours ?! He didn't come to save you in return, good things always pay by bad ones ! The brown wolf said, springing once again but failed, a big gray wolf jumped on it, biting the side of its neck. The brown wolf lay on the floor, submitting to the great beta. The gray wolf released it, it dashed in the forest.

Nathan shift to his human form, dropping to the floor, his left arm was bleeding.

Nathan ! A familiar voice called out, Nathan raised his head to see his uncle Martin, he smiled.
How do you found me ?

I marked you, let's get going. Martins, pick him up.

Wait what of Ethan ? Nathan asked

Don't worry, some of my friends has taken him home. He said while shifting. Climb my back, we'll be fast if I shift.

Okey, I love your grey fur is so soft. Nathan said as he climbed the gray wolf.

Martin ignored that. He didn't know how to response, people say good things to him rarely. He started with a high speed evicting all obstacles.

The were quickly back home with the speed at which Martin was running. Nathan hopped down. Martin shift back to his human form and was about to grab the handles.

Wait ! Nathan screamed

Why ? Martin asked

I-i am scared, Nathan stuttered after some minute of silence.

Of what ? Martin asked crouching down to Nathan's height.


Why ?

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