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Sometimes legends make reality, and become more useful than the facts. Salman Rushdie

*3 months later*

Serenity's P.O.V.

"Hey Serenity! Got all your stuff packed up?" Melody asked bursting through the door like a boss. This girl will never change no matter how hard you try. I bet anything she would burst through my room while me and Sean are making love.

"I'm done. No need to rush with everything. I still surprised that the alpha king has called in for an emergency meeting with all Alphas. I asked Sean about it earlier but he has no clue on what this meeting is about."

"I think I have a pretty good idea about what this meeting is all about, but I could be wrong here."

I looked at her grabbing my bag walking out my room with Melody following behind. "Then tell me what you think this meeting is about then."

"After visiting my other friends in the mermaid kingdom, I heard a rumor going around that many packs have been single handily been slaughtered."

I gasped. Hearing such a horrible rumor that may very well be true scared me. How could something like this happen?

"Are you serious Melody?"

"It's what I heard, but I could be wrong. We'll find out when we get to the castle." Melody said.

When we got down stairs my handsome mate Sean was talking to his best friend and beta Darren who is also Melody's mate. I still remember the day when Melody had Darren meet her father for the first time. A shot-gun was aimed right at his head with many questions following in. Poor Darren. I don't think he will ever forget that day. And even if he tried David would bring it up!

"Is everyone ready to go?" Sean asked. Sean walked over to me placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

"Yeah. We are ready to get this over with." David said taking Summer's hand leading her out to the van.

The drive only took about thirty minutes to reach the castle where I could see many other alphas from different packs going inside. Some alphas came with their Luna's while other alphas had yet to find their mate. Sean held me close to him in a protective manner because he didn't want anything or any alpha to hurt me. Not all alphas are on good terms and some are even bitter enemies. However, the alpha king made it clear that he will have no fights braking out during the meeting. I could even see some council members talking in panicked voices. Whatever is going on it can't be good.

"You okay Serenity?" Sean asked me with a worried look in his eyes.

"I'm fine. Just a bit nervous."

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine."

"I know."

The meeting was now underway with all alphas and Luna's sitting down waiting for the alpha king to arrive. I looked around the room hoping to see alpha Theo and his mate and good friend of mine Luna. Surly enough they were sitting at the end of the table. It's been some time since I last seen them. The both of them look so happy together! Couple minutes past till the alpha kind made way into the meeting room grabbing everyone's attention. He took his seat at the head of the table looking at us all with a sharp gaze that would make anyone cower in fear.

"I'll get right to the point in why you were all summoned here today." The alpha king began. "Recently I have gotten word from other packs around the world that packs with a bad reputation have been silenced."

"Is it just packs with bad reputations?" One of the alphas asked.

"So far in the reports, yes." The king replied back. He even had his beta hand out copies of the report.

"Do we have any witnesses to know who the attackers are?" Sean asked.

"We do. The survivors who happen to be the ones being abused in the packs all say the same thing. They said it was all done by a fox. And not just any fox this fox has two tails. Other reports are saying other survivors seeing a fox with 4 tails and five."

"Is this some kind joke? I have never heard of a fox having that that many tails." Another alpha said. This alpha seemed to think highly of himself. Why am I even mentioning it when that's normal for any alpha?

"As a hunter I have never heard of a fox with that many tails before." Summer mention. "Also, in the reports it says that only a single fox took down a pack with no help. I never heard of such power. Maybe from the dragon king but that's it. And I never knew fox shifters existed."

The room fell silent. Is this really true? Is a fox shifter really not known?

"Is there any reason for why they have been attacking these packs? Because all I'm seeing is these foxes taking down bad packs that are soon to be taken out eventually." I said gaining everyone's attention on me. Great.

"I can understand what Serenity is getting at, but there is also the concern with the fact that once these foxes take out the packs with bad reputations will they come after innocent packs?"

During this whole time everyone was talking I noticed that Luna was being very quiet the whole time. Theo was even looking cancered about it. Even the king noticed.

"Do you have something to share Luna?" King asked her. Not long the talking stopped and everyone looked at her.

Luna looked at everyone with a serious look on her face in which was very surprising.

"I will tell you this." Luna Began. "If my hunch is correct...and what these reports are saying turn out to be true. We could be facing off with fox demi-gods."

To be continued... 


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