Chapter Forty Six

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Niall awoke with a start, a couple of hours later so it seemed, to the feeling of the bed dipping next to him and the sound of heavy breathing and when he opens his eyes, he's startled to find Harry gazing down at him. His clothes are ruffled and there's a spot of blood next to his mouth and Niall couldn't help frowning at him, despite the affectionate grin that's plastered across his husbands face.

"You didn't go and murder a wolf by any chance, did you?" He asks, almost mockingly and Harry snorts derisively in reply.

"No, silly, I went hunting." He replies simply and bops his nose playfully, causing Niall to blink in surprise and wrinkle his nose.

"Did you have a good sleep?" Harry questions, settling himself down next to Niall.

"Best sleep I've had in the past couple of days." Niall admits, causing Harry's grin to spread.

"I'm glad." Harry murmurs and he leans in to kiss his husband.

"I've missed you, pet." Niall admits, when he pulls away and Harry smiles lazily.

"Don't worry. I'm not leaving you ever again." He assures him and Niall smiles back.

Harry's about to open his mouth to speak again but their bedroom door is slammed open, causing Louis to burst through the room with a very big grin spread across his face. He didn't seem to be too bothered with the fact that Harry was practically lying on top of Niall – in fact, he seemed completely oblivious too it as he turns around on his heel and holds out his left hand, showing off a silver band around his ring finger that flashed and gleamed in the sun. Both Harry and Niall's eyes widen in shock and they bid their congratulations to Louis, who's beaming and in fact, still grinning.

"How did he do it?" Niall asks casually.

Louis clears his throat, "We were having breakfast yesterday morning and he went down on one knee and asked, in front of all those people on the patio. It was actually quite romantic because the sun just beginning to rise." He's in a dazed-like state as he talks, his eyes gazing wistfully into the distance.

"Where is your other half, then?" Harry frowns, gazing round at the door as if half-expecting Liam to walk through.

Louis' expression turns sour and he lets out a huff.

"He had to go back to his dads office for a little bit. Cause his trip to Amsterdam was kind of unplanned, he had a lot of shit to catch up on." He explains grimly.

"Louis, about Amsterdam. I'm sorry -"

"Hey, don't worry about it," Louis interrupts, holding his hands up in protest, "It wasn't your fault. Anyway, I spoke to Luca. He's going to sort it." He assures him and Harry's eyes widen in horror.

"Wait, you told Luca?"

Louis' eyebrows knot together in confusion.

"Well, yeah. I mean, our client is friends with Luca so -"

Harry didn't even bother listening to any more. He threw the bed covers aside and hurried out of bed, hurrying down the hallway to greet Luca quickly. Niall gazes after him for a while, feeling a little bit lost when Louis lets out an exasperated sigh and he's about to head out the door.

"Wait, Louis. What the hell happened in Amsterdam?" he asks curiously.

Louis exhales impatiently, smacking his lips together.

"Look, it's nothing important. You don't need to worry your pretty little mind about it-"

"Louis." Niall warns and Louis rolls his eyes.

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