With her back against the door of Jeremiah's office, Lilah stared straight ahead, the tears had stopped, or she had simply run out of tears to cry. She wasn't staring at anything, her whole system seemed to have just shut off, leaving behind a cracked shell that felt nothing but pain. If this is what Jeremiah was trying to achieve, than without a doubt, he had succeeded,

"Miss Doute? Lilah?" Ignoring him completely, she continued to stare straight ahead, the nothingness that consumed her was becoming more of a home and she had even begun to take comfort in it. "Lilah!" This time, Jeremiah moved forward, his eyes narrowing as he tried to deter her from staring at nothing, "Phobia!" This time, almost instinctively her eyes flickered across to where he stood, his brow furrowed as he watched her. At least now he was receiving the attention he craved.

"I understand your grief."

"No, you don't."

"But, I must ask that you return to your cell." He continued, ignoring her comment altogether, "now that you have taken control of yourself and are no longer a weeping mess, there is no reason for you to remain here." Jeremiah said a smile broadening across his face, making Lilah want to both throw up and scream for Christian to come and save her.

"You're right." Her words lingered in the air before drifting towards Jeremiah who raised his eyebrow, "There is no reason for me to stay." Without another word, Lilah turned, opened the unlocked door and moved from Jeremiah's office.

No one followed Lilah around after she left Jeremiah's office, in fact, no one even looked at her. She was almost like a ghost, wandering through the white halls reliving her darkest moments and thinking of the hundreds of different things she could have done. The basic things she could have done that would have guaranteed Mercious' survival. 

"Oi! Lilah!" Stopping, Lilah waited until the voice called her name a few more times. At least I know I'm not dead... Turning to face the owner of the voice, she found her eyes fall onto Christian's sister, Raleigh and a young girl with short blonde hair and dirty brown eyes. "Where are ya going?" Raleigh asked, raising her eyebrow as they drew closer, 

"Our cell." Lilah replied simply, earning herself a smirk from Raleigh, 

"Figured you'd be with Jonathan." 

"Guess you were wrong." She replied coldly. Raleigh paused, looking her up and down before crossing her arms over her chest, 

"Jeremiah got to ya, huh?" Lilah turned away, she had a reputation and now all of that was out the window. At the moment, Lilah wasn't even sure who she was anymore, 

"Hey, no shame in that, girlfriend." The young girl, Nina Pierce spoke in a sassy tone of voice. Lilah looked back at her with a questionable look on her face, "Just leave it to me and Ra-Ra, we'll take 'im out." She said, placing her hands on her hips. Lilah was speechless, she had never heard a thirteen year old speak like that in her life. 

"Thanks..." She mumbled in reply, 

"I'm Nina. And I guess you know Ra-Ra." She said, jerking her thumb up at Raleigh who was watching Lilah with her arms crossed, 

"I'm.... Lilah..." She replied with a slight frown, 

"Nice to meet ya, Big Lilly!" Nina grinned broadly.

"No... It's Lilah, not Lilly." Lilah replied receiving a 'Don't even bother' look from Raleigh, who turned to face Nina, 

"Catch you around, short stuff." She smirked, "I think Big Lilly here and I need to have a chat." Nina gave a small nod before turning on her heel and skipping down the hallways, singing a song Lilah didn't recognize at the top of her lungs, "So." Raleigh began, taking a couple of steps towards her, arms still crossed over her chest, 

"So, indeed." Lilah replied, not backing down to Karliah al Ghul or whatever name she was calling herself. 

"You wanna stop my dad?" 

"I just want to get Jonathan out, what happens from there isn't my problem." Raleigh laughed, 

"Oh please. Ra's al Ghul is everyone's problem. If he has his eyes on Gotham, he won't show any mercy." Lilah stared at her, was she trying to help? 

"What do you suppose I do about Ra's al Ghul then?" Lilah finally asked. Raleigh shrugged, 

"I dunno. I just know that being locked up in Arkham Asylum isn't gonna do much." She replied, "But, your friends are smart. I'm sure there on their way." Raleigh winked before pushing past her, Lilah looked over her shoulder, immediately following her, 

"You know something I don't?" 

"I know plenty of things you don't" Raleigh retorted, 

"Like what?" 

"You need me." This time it was Lilah's turn to smirk, 

"Says who?" 

"You, if you want you and your gang of misfits to escape Gotham with your lives." Raleigh replied not even looking over her shoulder to address her, "Although, I have heard that the so-called Batman is on the hunt for Ra's after your Jonathan Crane spilled the beans to Gordon that they're working together." 

"You would put our faith in Batman?" Lilah asked. Raleigh scoffed, 

"I wouldn't put my faith in you and Crane if I had any other choice. Plus, Christian trusts you, so that obviously says something." 

"I thought you and your brother were at each others throats?" 

"We are." Raleigh smirked, "But, I can't deny that Christian is a good judge of character. He knows when to stick around and when to bail." 

"Didn't he bail on you?" Lilah asked. Raleigh stopped dead in her tracked looking over her shoulder at Lilah who stood her ground, 

"That he did." She replied softly, "Guess that tells you more about my character, huh?" Turning back around, Raleigh started to walk off once more, "Christian will come back for you. He's not one to leave friends or people he cares about behind." Lilah stood back, staring after Raleigh. She was right about one thing. Christian wouldn't just abandon her. 

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