September - Part Nine Ella

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 AN: It's really stressing me out that this is AFTER the title, but in my bonehead state, I can't figure out how to left justify this before the title and that stresses me out more. That and I just spelled "title" this way: "tytle". Perhaps I'm writing in the wrong century. Regardless, enjoy this itty bitty part of Chapter One, when Ella goes on a date with Sam. Think they hit it off? 

The movie was funny. Ella enjoyed glancing at Sam as they tried to catch their breath through their laughter. Halfway through, Sam found her hand on the armrest and wove his long fingers between hers. She looked up, startled and he smiled at her, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. She squeezed back. It seemed like the right thing to do.

When the movie finished, Ella let Sam lead her through the crowded lobby, his hand tight around hers. When they hit the cool air outside, he turned to face her and grinned. “That was a good movie. That part where he got stuck … classic!” They recounted favorite scenes as Sam drove, and were still laughing when they stopped in front of her house.

“Well,” Ella said, “that was fun. Thanks.”

“Yeah, sure was. Um, so are we even?” Sam’s eyes lit with humor.

“I dunno,” Ella replied with a coy smile, surprising herself. “You did hit me hard.”

He smirked and then recovered, forcing his mouth into a serious thin line. “Yeah, I did. I guess I’ll have to try again.”

“I guess. If you want to, I mean.” She was enjoying the banter.

“Well, I’d hate for you to retaliate on the court. How ’bout Sunday afternoon?” His eyebrows rose, punctuating his question.

Ella had no idea what plans she had for Sunday. She didn’t care. “Sure.” She put her hand on the door handle and pushed open the door.

“Ella?” She turned back, startled to come eye to eye with him. Sam had shifted closer to her and leaned over the armrest. She froze. He reached up, moved a stray lock of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. He leaned closer and pressed his lips against hers. For the second time that day, he knocked her off her feet.  

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