chapter 31 + answer the question

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ok. i really really tried to search how france education works. like does junior/senior high exists or... i just... i dont know anymore. i should just give up at this point


this is the season 1 finale i guess lol


Well. A week later, was the day you had to say good bye to your classmates. School has ended and the months of being a 9th grader was finished. You were ecstatic, yes. Finally, no more homeworks and quizzes.

You were free.

Well, for two months.

Still, you cannot will yourself to forget that night. You had let your feelings out, you thought you can just face him and talk to him normally.

You can't. Obviously.

You knew you would just mess things up. You knew it would end up awkward, you would embarass yourself. You shouldn't have told him everything.

"Congratulations to the class of 20xx. You have a year left before you are off for lycèe. Enjoy collège while you still can! Bonne chance!" Ms. Bustier said over a microphone. It gave you a shiver on your spine. Enjoy while you still can.

One year left and all of you will have to split up and look for college. You will be separated.

Like last year, you had received medals, certificates. A reward for working your butts off.

And afterwards, the event had ended and everyone had to go.

You went home with your parents as you carried a bag of your favorite food, a treat from your parents. You made them proud.

As you ate, you held your phone while scrolling through the images you had taken earlier, along with the ones Alya bad recently sent you. One was a picture of Alya's side profile as she was sitting there beside you. The guest speaker's speech was rather boring so you had nothing to do but to record your friend.

One was a picture of Marinette and Nathaniel. They sat together with their cheeks aflame. There was also one where Adrien received his recognition for being the best fencer in his fencing class, surprisingly surpassing Kagami.

The rest of the pictures were after the event. You got a picture of Rose crying because she was getting emotional knowing that there's only one year left before you all go to new places. You also caught a picture of Marinette and Alya laughing together. Then it was becoming to grow formal as you slid into the next pictures.

Adrien, Nino, Marinette, you, and Alya were standing with your smiles showing, your medals shining. One was Nino and Adrien, grinning with their arms around their shoulders. Next was the women; you, Alya and Marinette. You and Marinette were linking arms with Alya in the middle. You showed a peace sign as Marinette stuck her tongue out. Alya represented a contagious, proud smile in the camera.

The next one were Nino and Alya, with their arms around each other, their huge smiles making their eyes squint. You were absolutely happy and proud of them for fimishing 9th grade together.

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