Chapter 5: Lyrics

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Na Mi's POV

I opened my eyes and saw white ceiling, white wall and everything's just white. I walked and walked but it seems to be endless not until I saw a black door appeared infront of me. I opened the door and entered it. When I arrived inside the room, the door suddenly closed like a strong wind pushed it. I just ignore it like I'm not scared but inside I'm scared.

Everything I saw was dark and I saw my past being replayed like I'm watching a playback from recorded old videos. But there was a scene that attracted me. It was when me and hunnie oppa a.k.a. my best buddy first time met in a park 10 years ago.

In that scene I was just sitting by a bench watching the sunset just until when someone approached me. I looked up and that time I met Hunnie oppa. He asked me if I would want to play with him since I am just alone and at the same time he is also alone and so I accepted his request and played with him. Starting that day we started to get closer day by day. And that was the end of the scene. By that time I walked straight ahead and saw a bright light coming my way. I went near it but it gets farther as I get near it. Just until when someone called my name

"Na Mi! Na Mi!...." and so I opened my eyes.

I blinked three times thinking and realizing that everything was just a dream. I saw my best friend Min Min beside me waking me up.

"Hey! Wake up it's already break time come on let's eat I'm hungry." Min Min said.

"Ok we'll eat but just be patient ok? I just woke up from my sleep and by the way where are Luhan and Sehun?" I asked.

"They went ahead." Min Min simply said.

"They went ahead? They still don't know where the school cafeteria is they might get lost and if they get lost I might die from the principal for not touring them around the school" I said wonderingly.

"Well I told them the directions to where they would go if they want to go to the canteen." Min Min added calmly.

"Thank you so much for telling them. I really am so worried I thought that they might get lost." I sighed in relief.

"So would you mind, if it's alright for us to go now to the canteen?" Min Min asked.

"Let's go"I said as I grab my bag with me.

------At The School Cafeteria------

Min Min was already able to get her food and she went to our usual table but she left me alone here in the middle of the crowded people. I was already the next one to get my food and so I get as much as I want because I don't want my energy to drain but it doesn't mean that I'm a food maniac or a glutton specifically.

Right then when I was about to go to our table, an orange juice spilled on my upper uniform. People are already looking at me and laughing at me.I looked up to see who bumped me for being too careless. As I looked up it's him again. Can't he just leave me alone just even an hour I just can't take looking at that cold, poker face. And yes, your right it's Sehun again.

"Can't you just be careful? Is it that hard to be careful?" He asked in an angry tone.

"What did I do? Well I was just about to go to my seat but then you appeared and so I thought that you were going to the other way but it turned out to be the same way with mine and so I guess you didn't notice me coming this way that's why the orange juice spilled on me and I suspect that it's all your fault *points straight to his eyes*" I said in a reasonable manner.

"Fine, you win now but it doesn't mean we're over with this fight I just don't want to argue over nonsense little things." He coldly said and raised an eyebrow on me.

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