remember me as hardly golden

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<P>I broke my own heart,</P>

<P>i couldn't confess</P>

<P>the extent of the love</P>

<P>i kept in my chest .</P>

<P>ive watched you since day one</P>

<P>and laughed at your jokes</P>

<P>and blushed when you gazed at me</P>

<P>as my heart thumped fast.</P>

<P>i want you to know </P>

<P>how much it hurt</P>

<P>when i saw you with her.</P>

<P>i clutched at my chest</P>

<P>with a tight shaking hand</P>

<P>trying to contain</P>

<P>the electrical pain</P>

<P>that coursed through my core;</P>

<P>as my eyes had dripped tears</P>

<P>that trickled down </P>

<P>and washed away my suffering.</P>

<P>Now you'll never know</P>

<P>how much i've loved you.  </P>


<P> My heart is cracked</P>

<P>like a broken mirror</P>

<P>forever reflecting</P>

<P>my cold frigid past</P>

<P>which i can't put behind me </P>

<P>no matter how hard i run</P>

<P>no matter how deep i hide</P>

<P>the memory hurts</P>

<P>the trust was ripped from within</P>

<P>and stitched  back together </P>

<P>with black thread.</P>


<P>I waited to see you</P>

<P>i sat for an hour</P>

<P>i declined my friends</P>

<P>just to see you walk by;</P>

<P>but you never came</P>

<P>although you had promised </P>

<P> that we'll get together.</P>

<P>i thought you cared.</P>

<P>what is it between us?</P>

<P>its like chiseling through a brick wall</P>

<P>inch by inch getting closer</P>

<P>how long will it take,</P>

<P>till our chisels touch noses</P>

<P>and wrap their arms around each other</P>

<P>in a loving embrace?</P>


<P> The first thing i saw</P>

<P>were your marvelous eyes</P>

<P>that glowed yellow and expanded to blue</P>

<P>like watching the northern lights</P>

<P>i could stare forever </P>

<P>my own personal show</P>

<P>that bares your golden soul .</P>

<P>  </P>

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