Part 1

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"Hey baby," I said into my phone
"Hi Jack," Y/N said from the other side of the phone.
"Wanna come over today?" I asked.
"I can't," Y/N said.
"Why not?" I asked again.
"My Mom made plans for us today," Y/N said with a sigh.
"Ok I understand," I said and looked over at Zach.
"How about tomorrow?" I asked.
"Sure I'll see you tomorrow babe," Y/N said.
"Love you," I said and she hung up the phone.
"She's not coming?" Zach questioned and sat next to me.
"Yeah she has plans with her mom," I said with a sigh and Zach smirked.
"Wanna do something?" Zach said.
"Like what?" I asked and Zach put his hand on my shoulder.
"Jack you know I really like you and.." Zach started.
"And what Zach?" I asked.
"Jack let me pleasur you," Zach said. To be honest I was alittle turned on.
"Zach what the fuck no," I kinda lied and Zach kneeled infront of me.
"Come on baby boy it'll be great," Zach said undoing my jeans.
"Zach I have a girlfriend," I said amd Zach looked up at me.
"She doesn't have to find out," Zach said pulling down my pants then my boxers.
"Damn who made you this hard?" Zach asked.
"Im guessing you did Zach" I said and Zach stroked my dick. I stiffed up from the feeling and Zach rubbed my thight slightly.
"Everything is ok Jack," Zach said and wrapped his hand around the base of my penis.
"Jesus," I hissed.
"Hey guys we gotta go to rehearsals," Corbyn said knocking on the door.
"Ok give us a sec," Zach yelled.
"Well hurry up we can't be late," Corbyn said and Zach got upm
"Till later," Zach said biting his lip and leaving the room.
"Oh my god that just happened," I said and ran my fingers through my hair.
"Jack Come on," Jonah yelled from downstairs and I fixed myself up before going downstairs to leave with the other guys.

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