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Why do I freaking miss everything?

Seriously, after a small trip to Idris for a little "mother-daughter" time, I portalled home only to find them gathered around the counter.

I've never really liked visiting the family before. But ever since I've gotten pregnant, my parents had been slightly less emotionless and frankly, I liked it better that way.

"What'd I'd miss?" I inquired, wrapped my arms around Alec, his back facing me.

Alec moved, so know my back was against his chest, his hands gently caressing my stomach.

"How was Idris?" He asked, pressing a kiss to my hair.

"Fine, " I whispered.

Jace nodded at me in greeting.

"So, you think this can separate me from Jonathan?" Clary asked, looking at some serum.

Wait, was that–

"Heavenly Fire," Alec said, reading my mind. "I'll tell you everything later." He promised.

Izzy nodded. "I have to run some tests, but yeah. That's the idea."

Clary looked between Simon and Izzy, a look that made me think if it was in disbelief or gratitude, or maybe both. "I can't believe you guys did this. Without you, we would have nothing."

Simon smiled at his best friend. "Fray, we'd do anything for you. Especially if it means disconnecting you from your creepy brother."

Amen to that, I would love to get my hands on Jonathan myself, payback for all the blood he spilt.

I haven't forgotten about Dot. I never will. I swore I would avenge her, and everyone he dared laid a finger on.

"Well, we have Heavenly Fire." Alec began, "we don't know where the Morning Star sword is, but the only two people who can use it are right here at the Institute." His eyes fell on Clary.

"Aldertree will be prosecuted for his crimes against the Accords," Izzy said.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Aldertree? That asshole's back?"

Izzy nodded. "But now, he's gone for good." She said, her tone promising. "Jia is considering commuting Raphael's sentence, along with the other Downworlders now turned into mundanes."

I decided not to question her as Alec promised to fill me in later.

"It's the least they could do," Simon said.

"All right, well, if I'm no longer needed here, there's somewhere where my wife and I need to be." Alec said and then suddenly, I'm being pulled in the other direction.

I laughed. "Alec, what's going on?"

He turned around and pecked my lips. "A little surprise."

I'm led to his office, where Alec presented me with a simple candlelit dinner.

My heart warmed. Oh, my.

"I asked the head chef to prepare something special." He said. "I know you love sushi, but since you can't eat anything raw, I'd figured we'll go with your second favourite." He laughed.

I grinned as Alec opened the cover. "Spaghetti Marinara? You're the best." I said.

Like the gentleman he was, he pulled out a chair and gestured for me to sit down. "What's with all this, Alec?"

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