"She yours?"


"Oh you got two girls" he said smiling

"yeah, I got a lot on my hands" I Said "go find something to do and stop being anti. Take her with you"

I put Nayah down, and her and Kamrynn walked away

"Wassam cuzo" I said dapping my cousin up as I sat down in a empty chair beside him

"nothing much whats happening with you?"

"same shit, work and kids" I answered

"sound like yo' ass need a vacation" he said and I nodded

"a long one yeah. All by myself"

"Tell me about it. Why yo' ass pop up to this cookout?"

"Cause Ian seen y'all in a good minute. I ain't got no work to do today so I just popped up"

"Life as a millionaire"

"Ian no millionaire, but I'm tryna get there"

"that type of energy, I love it" he flashed a smile "You know yo' momma here?"

"Oh shit let me go find her before she find me" I got up and made my way in the house finding her

"Why yo' black ass ain't tell me you was coming here and why you ain't call me back?" she asked once she seen me

"Cause " I stopped and started thinking "ion know"

"I should knock yo' stupid ass out, and where them kids at?"


"What you mean somewhere, you don't know where yo' own kids at?"

"they Somewhere around here"

"Oh well get on out my face, I ain't tryna be looking at you"

she get on my nerves sometimes

I walked off and sat down, and hours passed before we left and went home

"nah leave her ass alone. Don't wake her up cause I'm not listening to her cry" I told Kamrynn as she laid Nyah down in my bed

She was bout to wake her up

"She gone be hot with that dress on. That's sweater material" she said


"Well take it off and after that leave her alone. She ain't gotta have no clothes on" I said as I put my chains back in the box

she took it off her and left out

After I got settled in with what I was doing I got in the shower and went to sleep

The day wasn't long but a nigga was tired. I woke up to yelling and music playing so I got up and made my way to where it was coming from

I walked in Kamrynn room seeing her twerking on live

"I'm really finna beat yo' ass" I said and she sat down quick

I turned the speaker off

"I was playing" she said laughing


"see you take me for a joke, and that's yo' problem now. End that live"

"Is it safe to get up?" I gave her a stern look and she got up fast before ending the live

"stay right here cause I'm really finna beat yo' ass" I walked out her room going back to my room.

I walked to the closet and found a Gucci belt before leaving back out and going back to her room

She finna get this expensive ass whooping

" come on" she looked shocked, I would be too

"you serious?"

"yeah ion know why you think I'm playing"

"oh nah" she said shaking her head "I'm grown sir"

"you 15" I corrected her "let's go"

She stood there just looking back and forth from me and the belt.

"You get three hits across yo' ass"

"man I might as well just get this over with" she said coming over to me "go"

"you don't tell me what to do" I took the belt and hit her two times causing her to flinch. The third time I made sure it was worse then the first two

"Okay you done" she said which caused me to hit her again

"Youn tell me what to do cause I can do this all day. Stop shaking yo' ass on live where everybody can see you. Its grown men on there and that shit ain't cute. Next time you won't have a phone"

And with that I walked out leaving her speechless


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