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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"Say cheese" I said tryna get Nyah to smile for the camera. She wasn't going cause she was still sleepy

She went to sleep late last night cause she stayed up tryna watch cartoons.

It's twelve going on one, and I'm stuck with a sleepy grumpy five year old

We was getting ready to go to a family cookout

She shook her head 'no'. I just took the picture cause I wasn't finna fight with her over no picture

 I just took the picture cause I wasn't finna fight with her over no picture

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"Come on" I said causing her to get up and hop into my arms. I pulled her finger out her mouth, but she put it back in

I just shook my head as we made it downstairs seeing Kamrynn sitting at the kitchen eating and typing on her phone

I walked in the kitchen still holding Nyah

"why you ain't put the milk back in the refrigerator?" I asked Kamrynn but she continued to type on her phone. I went over and took her phone out her hand

She just looked at me

"Why you do that?"

"Cause im talking to you and you act like you can't hear. Why the milk not back in the refrigerator?"

"cause I forgot to put back in there" she said getting up and putting the milk away. I stared at her for a few seconds eventually figuring out that she was high

"let's go"

I put Nyah in her car seat and got everything settled before we left. We made it to the cookout, and we got out

As we walked in I heard a bunch of yelling and then the sound of music

We walked through the house and said our heys before making our way to the backyard

"Wassup nephew" my uncle greeted me as we dapped each other up


"that's wassup, hey lil Kentrell" he said with a small chuckle as he waved to Kamrynn. She just looked at him and smiled "who you got here?"

He pointed to Nayah who I had in my arm. She rested her head on my shoulder with her eyes close

"this Ka'Nyah"

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