Chapter 11

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The cake up there ⬆️ looks so yummy.

I was peacefully waiting for my friends to get to the amusement park. I was about to text Andi, May's boyfriend until I felt two pairs of hands snake around my waist. "May I know it's you" I said turning around and giving her the biggest hug. "I missed you so much. I still can't believe that we have to take classes in the summer. " May said as the others cought up. May's twin brother. Jay had a little box with him. "What's that "I said pointing to the box." That my dear is for you." He said taking us to a table Ner us. There were nine guys behind us that looked like the SKZ but it probably wasn't them. Jay opened the box revealing a beautiful and yummy strawberry cake. (A/N; sorry but I had to lol)

(Just ignore the music thingy right there)The bad boy of our group Andrew looked at my cake and said "That is so bright  and pink

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(Just ignore the music thingy right there)
The bad boy of our group Andrew looked at my cake and said "That is so bright  and pink. It's burning my eyes more than (Y/N)'s purple hair." "Fuck off," I said. "Anyway, you know that jerk who burned our school. They said that the police caught him but her handsomeness blinded them she escaped. Her three hairs were to die for" may say hooking her arm with mine. "That's crazy, your making that up especially the three hairs.," I said as we ate the cake the guys bought me as a little congratulations gift for my new job.

Felix pov
We saw (y/n) and her friends come to the table infront of us. There was this guy with blue hair sitting next to her a little to close. It got me so mad. This gonna be a long day. "Yo, Woojinn , I know this is personal but how did your sister survive living alone?" I said. There was a slit pause until he answered. "That's the thing. She almost died being alone"
Hello, everyone, I am so sorry for not updating. I had a family problem but it is all okay. My brother got really sick and had a high fever. Send him all your love, please. Also I am thinking about bringing Prince Jeongin back after I finish shy shy. I only have a few more chapters.eft. What to you guys think? It might have a different story line though . Thank you guys so much and see y'all later. Bye~
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