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My mom, my little brother and I went and visited my aunt today.....

Crap... I'm crying again... Sorry.

My aunt just didn't look like herself. She was pale and very very skinny...

She was breathing on her own yesterday. But now she can't. Doctors now believe she only has either a few days or weeks left.

I'm writing this because I think I'm taking a break for a bit. I need time to collect myself.

Ever since I've been home from seeing my aunt I haven't smiled, I haven't laughed, I haven't been myself. All I can see is my aunts face when she was lying in the hospital bed with an oxygen tube up her nose. This image will haunt me.

So I thought I would just let you know that I'm taking some time to focus on my family right now.

It's been hard around here..

I have 3 sisters and a brother. My brother and my one sister are taking the situation okay. But my youngest two sisters aren't handling it very well.

While I'm probably the worst out of all of them at the moment.

So for now I'm to take the time to pause this book just for a bit and collect myself and hopefully become more like myself.....

Everyone has been telling me that everything is going to be okay. That it'll be fine. But I'm not believing anyone.

It's not going to be Okay. It's not going to be fine. And right now... I'm not okay.

So I'm putting this book on hold for a bit. I'll make sure to let you know when I'm back.

So take care guys. I'll write for you all in a bit.

Thank you for understanding 💙

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