32. Let's Be Dramatic

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"Be careful with your words

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"Be careful with your words. They can only be forgiven, not forgotten."


"Who's doing this to you? Who from the team is it? I'll talk to them." Owen looked extremely serious and angry.

We all did after Bree shared her story. Even Mr. Standall who had been smiling throughout the whole session, looked disturbed. Heaven, however, had sat with her shoulders dropped and ghostly pale face pointed at the floor. I had noticed that her tightened fists in her lap were twitching.

After the session was finished, Nathan left first, either to ace a Spanish test or scold the guys on the team who had thrown unacceptable shit at the cheer captain. Maybe both.

Nathan was the captain of the basketball team though, and Bree was the captain of the cheerleading team. As captains, they had an unspoken understanding of one another. If one of them were in any sort of trouble, they lifted each other up. That's just how it worked.

Except when Bree's loneliness made her turn into a slut and when Kevin Northwood's expectations for Nathan reached a sky-high level that left him utterly dark and depressed inside.

Now, Bree and I were sitting on the stairs next to each other while Owen was pacing back and forth in front of us with an annoyed look on his face, occasionally shoving his glasses up to his blue eyes after they slid down to his nose every once in a while.

As for Cayden, he just disappeared after the group session with his hood pulled over his head, leaving his face in shadow.

'"No, that's not necessary," Bree quickly said, cutting my thoughts.

"Slut or not, cheerleader or not, you have no right to be treated like that," I said, feeling the fury burn inside me.

I had been called a 'slut' once in my life, and it was by Nathan. It hurt. It hit hard. Bree had been called a 'slut' so many times that she had lost count a long time ago.  It was a completely normal thing for her by now. She was so used to it that she was simply immune to the word by now. However, maybe that was just from the outside.

"Trust me, I know that," she confessed, quietly.

"Did the basketball guys do something particular that set you off?" I turned to her, studying her troubled face.

She opened her mouth but closed it again as if something was holding her back. "It's nothing. Just forget it."

I sighed and placed my hands on Bree's shoulders, forcing her to look at me. "Hey, we are working on having a real friendship this time, right? Not just share the good in our lives with each other, but the bad stuff too. I've started doing it, but now I really want you to do it, too."

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