29. The Maya Harley

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  "No one can wear a mask for too long

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  "No one can wear a mask for too long."


"A little bit more to the left," I said but laughed when Cayden accidentally took a step to the right instead. "That's right, not left, Cayden."

When we started to approach my house, I carried out my big surprise plan by starting off with talking Cayden into giving me a piggy-back ride while my palm covered his eyes, so he couldn't see the surprise waiting for him in the front garden of my house.

"Are we in your garden now?" Cayden groaned, impatiently.

"Yep. Just walk straight ahead a little bit more."

Obeying me, he continued walking towards the surprise parked on the gravel path and I felt so much excitement swimming through my insides that I couldn't say still on Cayden's back.

"If you don't stop shaking your booty up there, I swear I'll drop you. On purpose," Cayden snapped.

I failed to hold back a laugh. "I'm just so excited!"

Cayden sighed before quietly murmuring, "Me too."

I smiled widely while resting my chin on his shoulder, my arms wrapped around his broad shoulders. Cayden smelled like warm metal and a mix of chocolate and vanilla, leaving my nostrils immensely blessed.

After he stopped, I jumped down from his back and walked around to face him. Bouncing on my feet of immense excitement, I removed my palm from his eyes before yelling, "Surprise!"

When Cayden gently lifted his eyelids, his eyes immediately grew wide and his jaw dropped by the sight in front of him.

"Holy shit! No way," he whispered of incredulousness as he gently approached the Harley-Davidson motorcycle in front of him. My Harley.

"Is this your...? Is it really...?" He trailed off, speechless.

I grinned when he gently let his palm stroke the shiny black surface and then the seat of black leather. As if the whole bike was a fragile thing that would shatter in pieces if he put too much muscle into the touch, he grazed it as carefully as possible.

"Yep. Let's go to McDonald's. Here. Think fast!" I tossed him the keys.

Caught off guard, Cayden barely captured them in between his hands before looking up at me in shock. "Wait, seriously? I get to ride it?"

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