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The second the loud, screeching voice covered our ears, it made us jump apart. And to my shock, we found Estrela standing there, outside of the car.

"You two, inside, right now!" she shouted, stomping towards the house.

I blew out a breath. "I'm sorry. I wasn't even thinking that she might see us. And now you have to deal with this, I'm so—"

Nathan cut me off by pressing his finger to my lips. "It's okay. I'm not mad. And I think it's best if we tell your family about us. I think it would only be worse if we hid our relationship."

"I don't know what I would do without you," I admitted, leaning into his touch.

"Let's go," he urged on, exiting the car, making me follow right after.

I clasped onto his hand once we had reached inside, being met with Matthew, Estrela, Bill and also Kenneth. My heartbeat was irregular as my nerves bundled up inside, at what was about to happened. I wondered whether they were going to accept our relationship or practically disown it.

Of course, my mind went straight to the second option. I could tell by the look on their faces.

Not only with Matthew. My brother had a small smile on his face, approving one.

"What is going on here? Why did you ask them to be here?" Kenneth was the first one to speak up. "What is this meeting about?"

"Why don't you let your brother tell you?" my sister muttered, clear venom filling her tone.

Kenneth turned to his brother, confusion plastering over his face. "Nate, what is she talking about? What is going on?"

Nathan's hand tightened around mine, fingers lacing together. "Here's the thing. Angela and I are—"

"Together!" I blurted out before he could finish his sentence. "Nathan and I are together. Dating. In a relationship. Whatever you call it."

"Wow. Really?" Kenneth breathed.

Estrela's head snapped in Kenneth's direction. "Are you kidding me? This is honestly all you can say?"

"Well, I don't see their relationship as a big deal. They are both adults, like each other so it's their decision whether they want to date or not." Kenneth turned to his brother. "Is it worth it? Is she worth risking your career, because you know that if people were to find out then it would be over? Since it is not allowed to date a victim of a case."

I was afraid of Nathan's answer. I was scared that he might choose the job over me, that he would definitely not be willing to risk it.

I noticed the way he glanced down at me, hand clasping tighter around mine until he uttered an answer. "It's worth it. This relationship is worth it."

At his answer, I wanted to throw my arms around him, grateful that he had chosen me over it even thought it made me sound a little selfish.

"This is nonsense!" Estrela shouted. "I forbid this relationship. You cannot be in one with him. I forbid it."

"You can't control it. I'm an adult now, eighteen so you can't tell me what I can or can't do. This is not your call."

Estrela was fuming, anger veins appearing. You could see it on her face how pissed she was at Nathan, hands clenching into tight fists. "You son of a bitch! This is all your fault! If you had not messed with her mind, tried to get into her pants like some hormoned-crazed virgin then none of this would be happening."

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