⚽️ Jordan Henderson ⚽️

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Jordan Better Than You Henderson

Jordan Better Than You Henderson

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- Better than anyone else

- Yells at everyone

- Resting bitch face

- People are jealous of him

- Real leader

- He can defend, create games and attack

- Loves to score goals and children in you

- Mess with him and you will be dead without even know

- Lallana would live with you

- Trent believes he is your son, but he's not

- Also Klopp will live with you, and also celebrate your wedding and baptise your children

- Sassy Queen

- Kill people with sarcasm

- But can be the most romantic man of the world

- Just marry him and live your fairytale

People who criticise him must have seriously big mental problems. Him raising the cup yesterday night brought tears on my eyes -I cry too, sometimes-. You know Liverpool is my English team. So Jordan, ynwa.❤️🏆
- Светлана

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