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After Ginny revolted more students did too, but Hermione just sat there

"I wasn't finished" the Minister said loud enough for everyone to hear him and then shut up, "This Law will find you your soulmate, tomorrow when you wake up you will have a tattoo somewhere on your body your soulmate will have the same one, tomorrow after breakfast you will find the one with the same tattoo"

After that they were dismissed and allowed to get a pair of pajamas for tonight, a change of Muggle clothes for tomorrow, and your toiletries.

The next morning!

Hermione woke up that morning first because she was so nervous about who she would get this ruined her five year plan, but what could she do about it, she almost forgot about her tattoo by the time she checked for her tattoo Ginny was also up and looking for her tattoo, Ginny found hers first it was small quidditch posts on the inside of her left ankle. Hermione found hers a minute later after looking in the mirror at her back, in between her shoulder blades she had a weeping willow(not womping). That day she wore a tank top and jeans(you had to be able to see the tattoo)


Breakfast was definitely a surprise for Ginny, Harry, and Ron. Ginny told Harry about her tattoo to surprise both of them that they had different tattoos (Harry's was three stars in the shape of a triangle behind his ear), Ron asked Hermione about hers she showed him hers but Ron had a lion in his upper right arm, it surprised Ron that they had different tattoos but it didn't surprise Hermione.

After a awkward breakfast

Hermione went around asking people what their tattoo was she started with Griffindors but no one had the same one, then she went on to Ravenclaws but
No one had the same one (although she help Luna find her soulmate), then she moved on the Hufflepuffs but no one had the same one, she was dreading this but her soulmate was a Slytherin she went through almost everyone in the Slytherin house until Malfoy walked behind her a saw he saw her tattoo but all he could be is stare at it for a good minute or two to make sure it really was the same, his time got cut cut short because Hermione turned around at see him starring at her "What do you want Malfoy?" she asked, "Your bloody tattoo, it's the same as mine"

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