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Marriage on weekends 3

Sunday morning start with Tripura's cell beep, a message of her brother, she check it down, Karan comes in live area with bowl of popcorn, he looks she is busy with her cell..

Karan- Mrs. Khanna you're breaking our rule, no cell use till Monday morning..

Tripura looks him with smile & says- Akash's message..

Karan chewing popcorn & says- now what he wants?

Tripura- dad's saving FD..

Karan nodded in disbelief & sit beside Tripura, Tripura too eat popcorn, he says- he is still not satisfied with flat..

Tripura- Tch! Stop these topic here only, I want to slap him..

Karan- who stops you..

Tripura- my ethics stops me, because he is older than me..

Karan- can I share pregnancy news with Maa & Sherry..

Tripura- do you really think, they forgive me..

Karan- they forgive me, why not you, but you did nothing, they not understand you, in fact you have to forgive them..

Tripura with irks face- kuch bhi! Why I forgive them, in fact I never share my condition with them, I thought you share my condition with them, but you forget my condition..

Karan- first I forget because of you only..

Tripura- because of me, how!

Karan- after marriage I clean bowled everyday by you, then how I share it with Maa & Sherry..

Tripura- Karan that was the important thing, I share with you only, & you told me, you gonna talked with Maa & then your Maa will call to my house with your & her positive reply..

Karan roll his tongue on his lips & says- but you look awe-stricken on the day, we meet first time, your simplicity over my head, I forget to share..

Tripura suppress her smile & says- you always change the topic, I know you..

Karan- why you always hide your smile behind your fake anger, I never understand that, I know whenever I start to rubbish talking, you love that, sometimes I talking about our past life, same thing you do, you actually blushing from inside, but you always show me the fake anger..

Tripura with proud tone- I accept your all points without arguing..

Karan twisting his lips with amazed & says- that's why I love you the most, & he softly kiss on her cheek..

Tripura hold his arm & wrap his arm around her waist, she close the gap between them, & says- next Friday Sherry's birthday, so be with her, we meet on Saturday morning, ok..

Karan wants to lose his hand grips from her waist but she already entwined her fingers with him, his hand in her grips, & she knows how to tackle him, with her soft tone, he little irks on her- Tch! Biwi we both only spent Friday evening to Monday morning together, and you want I spend this Friday with Sherry..

Tripura look him up, she keep her chin on his chest & says- baba it's her day, don't spoil it, she look fantastic while smiling, so please be with her..

Karan- you know so well, how to handle my every mood..

Tripura playfully punch him on his chest & says- that's why I'm your biwi..

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