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The Young Woman shoved a hand through frizzy, long hair as she fought through the crowd toward the red carpet. Her trusty camera was poised, just as always, allowing her access into one of Hollywood's most desired events of the year. Sweat beaded her brow as she stood silent and anxious, waiting to strike. As the youngest paparazzi on the scene, she possessed an uncanny ability to find Hollywood royalty wherever they might be, producing some of the juiciest candid shots every celebrity photographer dreamed of catching, but most never would.

Walking onto the freelance circuit seemingly out of the blue one year ago, she quickly became a tabloid favorite. She had a natural talent for capturing photos of the world's most beloved stars, securing her career among the tanned bodies and gleaming white teeth of Hollywood. Those kinds of exclusive photos could sell for up to fifty thousand dollars, making competition extremely high.

But she wasn't worried.

Other photographers didn't care for her much. At twenty, she was already more successful than most of them would ever be. They couldn't figure out how someone so inexperienced could know exactly where to be and at just the right moment, snapping shots of the very celebrities they'd been chasing for years. There was a shady underbelly that followed fame, and she added everything she learned to the arsenal of knowledge she'd obtained growing up. There was no doubt in her mind it would all come in handy one day.

Four years was a long time to be out of the limelight, but it hadn't been her fault. She'd been forced out. It was enough to make any ambitious young woman insane ... if they weren't already crazy to begin with.

Five celebrities in particular were the targets of her unhealthy obsession, and there was nothing she wouldn't do to photograph them. Her unknowing victims were Miller and Claire, the current Hollywood "It" Couple — the darlings of an industry so crooked it was bound to tarnish their squeaky clean images. Ashton, an auburn haired self-made millionaire along with her best friend Juliana, a Spanish beauty who achieved supermodel status — each with a dirty little secret they were carefully concealing from the public eye. And finally, Brooks, lead singer of the popular boy band U-Turn, who had an unfortunate weakness for women and partying.

Whether they were hanging out at an exclusive Hollywood celebration, clubbing on the strip, or hooking up with their latest midnight conquest, she was always nearby, lurking in the shadows, waiting to capture just the right moment on film. Her sole purpose was not the cash she would make selling her scandalous images — although the extra dough didn't hurt, she hated accepting money from her family — a much bigger goal crept in the dark corners of her mind.

She had a plan. A plan laced with revenge. The Young Woman vowed to right the wrong that had been made so long ago, no matter the cost.

She would make them pay. Every last one of them.


Hello Wattpadders, welcome to Fast Lane! I created this story as part of the WP #JustWriteIt Challenge (50,000 words in 30 days). The complete novel is about 85,000 words. I have also used longer chapters this time which I know breaks all of the Wattpad rules. Fast Lane is a little outrageous and sort of out there at times. and just so you know, that was the entire point. One reader mentioned it would make a great Dollywood movie! LOL :)

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Thanks so much for reading! :)

Thanks so much for reading! :)

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