So You've Heard (4)

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It was unexpected. Was Zheng Mingran not a female lead? Was she not suppose to be the most patient out of the male lead's wives?

Within the second that Zheng Mingran got up, she ran towards Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not know how to fight so all she could do was try to avoid being hit. Was there not people here? Why don't they stop her? Yeah, because she was Lake Valley's owner? Because she is renown?

Zheng Mingran raised her sword once again towards Chu Feng.

This time, Chu Feng almost lost her life. The sword was only a few inches away from her heart. 

Luckily, someone pulled Chu Feng away.

The male lead had finally decided to stop watching the show and join in. He had moved so fast that no one saw him moved except for Chu Feng who took notice of her surroundings since the day she was born.

He appeared swiftly and mumbled, "So you really don't know cultivation."

No one heard except for Chu Feng once again for he had his right hand around her thin waist as he was trying to save her.

So this man was really just gonna watch to know if she could cultivate for real?

She had to experience an almost death experience just for him to make sure she wasn't lying?

The male lead held her tightly. 

Why does he care now?

Chu Feng slightly moved away from the male lead to have some distance between them. The male felt her move and decided to let go. 

Zheng Mingran got herself together as soon as she saw the male lead. Her disordered face was back to normal. 

The male lead really do hold a spot in Zheng Mingran's heart.  

The servants quietly watched on the sidelines along with Chu Feng. The demon exterminator quietly tried to hide himself, but his bright yellow clothing was showing that he was here. 

Everyone stayed quite with the presence of the male lead. 

"Husband," Lou Nan silently said as if she was innocent and had no part in this.

The male lead raised his hand for her to stop talking. He looked at Chu Feng who, in his eyes, was scared to death by Zheng Mingran. He then gave Chu feng and apologetic look for not interfering sooner. 

What was this man doing?

Chu Feng didn't want his affection for whoever tries to compete with the female lead will fall so low. She looked over at the door and saw that Madam Zhou, Madam Li, and Li Yu Yan was there watching everything. They must have heard the bells too and came to look.

While the female lead was watching, the male lead goes and saves another woman. His character changes way too much. Wasn't he just cold to her before? 

Zheng Mingran did not dare to look up. She couldn't face the man she loved. Her actions really went too far. She sheathed her sword and disappeared, leaving her jade pendant. The jade pendant was given to her only yesterday by the male lead to represent that she was now his wife. Lou Nan also received one yesterday.

Chu Feng watched and sighed. Just then, she felt her heart racing and felt faint. She almost fell onto the floor but luckily, the table was there to support her. Her body was really weak. It couldn't even stand anymore after facing Zheng Mingran's inner strength. 

An hour later passed and it was morning. The start of today was really hectic. The Young Prime Minister took away Chu Feng's punishment. She could now go outside. 

As soon as she was free, she went right away to the market. The male lead just could not believe the sight of Chu feng smiling. It made him felt shivers go down his spine. She really needed to learn how to use make up more. When she smiled, it was like a demon smiling.

Madam Zhou really pitied her first daughter in law. From the gossips of her servants, she learned that the two renown and newly married wives of her son picked on her dear daughter in law. She didn't think it was true until she saw it for herself today. 

Rumors of Bei Li's disciple Lou Nan being righteous and caring was false rumors. Rumors about Lake Valley's master, Zheng Mingran being intelligent and tolerant seems to be false. Her head was really going to explode today. Her precious guests came over today just to see the family fight. She had really lost face today. 

Madam Zhou could only sigh in her heart. She'll have to ask her guests to leave a little early and talk to her daughter in laws about manners.

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