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"Revy, wake up."

She was being shaken on the shoulder. Revy began to stir groggily. Her back was in pain, her neck ached at the position she fell asleep in. She opened her eyes, gingerly, wincing at the bright light of late morning.


"Amber?" Puzzled, Revy sat up.


Her body was still aching, fatigued, and hurting ten times more than it had before. She slumped in the couch, exhaling heavily.


Amber was followed by a small entourage of maids, and they quickly went to prepare the baths. She didn't. Amber knelt in front of her and took her hand between her own.

"Revy," she said, surprisingly gentle, "your father wants to see you."

Revy couldn't stop the bark of laughter. "That's rich. What took him so long?" With no humour, she laughed again, the sound tearing itself from her sore throat.

"He had to..." Amber was fretting, looking at what seemed to be every piece of furniture in the room instead of meeting Revy's eyes.

Revy leaned in. "Had to?"

"He had to deny... the allegations," she said in a soft voice. Revy had never seen Amber this petrified.

It took a moment for those words to sink in. "Allegations."



Amber refused to look at her. "Oh, Revy," she whispered. "Your hair..."

"Amber." Revy's eyes narrowed. "For? Allegations against me for?" she pressed. Amber's hands were sweaty.

"Revy, dear..." She sighed heavily, the frown on her face deepening, weighing down her features and revealing all the years Amber wore. "I don't think it should come from me..."

Revy dear. All of it really had gone so, so, so wrong.

"Amber," she pleaded now, and the tone in her voice made Amber look at her. Finally. "What happened to me last night?"

The look in Amber's eyes was heartbreaking.

"Amber, dear Night, please just tell me."


"Amber!" The frustration of the previous night came rushing back to her. Revy felt the similar feeling of sudden heat, racing through her and pushing out—

Amber let go off her hand.

It caught on fire.

"It's true!" Amber whimpered, staggering to her feet, eyes wide and alarmed. "Oh, I didn't think it was true!"


"I can explain—" she reached out for her, desperately. The flames grew stronger, brighter. "I don't know what's happening!"

"You burned last night," Amber explained in a hurry, hands shaking and eyes on the fire. "You burned the crown. The wooden throne caught on fire."

That doesn't make sense.

"They are calling you the cursed queen!" Amber said, now there were tears in her eyes. She was backed up against the wall. "You burned up! It was so sudden! And then the fire was spreading, the royals were running and using their powers against—against you!"


Revy stared at her hands. Orange had turned to blue, and now the fire spread to her arms. It was eating her whole. She was so scared and she didn't know what was happening and where did this come from

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