Chapter 2: Don't Die This Time

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Chapter Summary: Tom and Harry come to an... agreement. Neither of them really win.

 "Great!" Ms. Holly exclaims, bouncing up from her seat with an enthusiasm that Harry really doesn't like, considering the situation. She starts talking to the aurors, and Harry doesn't listen exactly to what they say.

Instead, he's watching Riddle try to steady his breathing silently, as if making a single sound is taboo. His eyes never leave the floor, even when the leash connected to him is handed over to the lady. He doesn't even glance over when the two aurors say their goodbyes, walking out the door with a cheerful wave.

A moment later, Ms. Holly is handing the leash over to him, and he takes it more on automatic response than actually wanting to hold it. A book on slavery in one hand, and a slave in the other. Just how Harry wanted to spend his day.

He's gonna be sick.

"Just one more thing before you leave!" The lady stops Harry, even though he hadn't actually moved yet, other than standing up. Harry only glances over, not even sure if he really wants to hear whatever she's about to say. "We are aware that this slave used to be quite good at manipulation, so every couple of weeks, we'll randomly check in to see how you're doing! You know, making sure they aren't using your lack of knowledge to their advantage, getting away with things they would be punished for, acting above their station, or anything of the sort. Think of it as our thanks!"

He was right. He really didn't want to hear whatever she said. "That's.. really kind of you.. but I- I don't really think.."

"Nonsense! We would love to repay you back for everything you've done!"

"Oh, uh.. I'm not sure.."

"We insist!"

Harry could only sigh, still not very good at turning down requests. He really needs to stop being such a pushover. Ms. Holly seems to take his silence as agreement, and at this point, Harry wanted nothing more than to leave. He would deal with this problem at a later date.

He decided to change the subject, thinking of a potential problem. "Um, do you have the key to the.. chains." He glances at Riddle, who had finally calmed his breathing, and had obviously noticed the change in who was holding the leash. He was still as a statue, other than a faint trembling he couldn't seem to stop.

"Oh, here you go!" Ms. Holly hands over the key. It's thin and light, deceptively so, for what it unlocks. Harry stares at it for a moment, then easily slips it into his pocket, where he immediate applies a sticking charm on the off chance it tries to fall out. She waves him out, obviously expecting him to leave now.

With his slave.

Harry takes the cue to head out the door, wanting nothing more than to be out of that room. Riddle immediately gets up and follows him, always staying a few paces behind but never letting the leash pull. Harry doesn't look behind him, but he can hear the chains clinking together faintly.

Harry doesn't know what he would do if he ran into another person, but luckily, not a single living being crosses their path. He still feels sick to his stomach, because there's not a single thing good about this situation.

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