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So I'm Allison Tania Simon. We used to live a simple life on our small farm. We don't have much money but that's all we ever needed in life or so what I thought, we're contented and happy. But then again happy things weren't meant to remain. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom was the best person I've ever known, she was supportive, loving, caring and all. When we found out about it, she's already on her terminal stage. My mother was a very enduring person, she never told us about her condition for a reason that she don't want us worry. But dad never gave up. He worked hard or harder I should say to have enough money for mom's treatments, but to his displeasure it was never enough and we only tend to fall deeper and deeper on our debts. But to our providence dad met Alfonso Monterro who is willing to lend us money as in lots of money enough for my mother's need, and with our hearts filled with hopes we assumed she'll be okay. But then against all odds mom died anyway. It was the worst day of our lives, I just not lost a mother but also someone I looked up to, I admired and adored her so much. Me & my younger brother were so broken but dad, he took it worst. He started drinking alcohol and smoke, he's abusing his body by working way too much and when he is drunk he becomes violent. As an elder sister I tend to protect my brother only to end up being beaten to death. Days & years passed, and I became used to it. When I turned twenty we moved out, I took brother away form the very place we once called home, and supported his studies. I swore that day that we'll never return to that hellhole. I tried being a working student at first but my salary weren't enough for our daily living, monthly bills and debts to pay. I have to sacrifice my studies and find a full-time job. I started working on a restaurant as a waitress and at night I work on a bar as a waitress too.

"Okay let's call it a night." Said Mr. Atom, the Bar's Manager. I sighed in relief and went to the dressing room to change and grab my stuffs.

When I arrived at my apartment I knocked for a few times only to be answered by silence. Guess, lil bro's already asleep . I just shrugged and picked the spare key under the rug. I turned the light switch on and went straight to the kitchen. God, I'm so thirsty. While drinking I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was so shocked that I spit the water and choked a bit.

"Oh My Goooodness, Joseph are you trying to kill me?" I hissed at my brother.

"Sorry sissy, you just came home? It's already late." Her brother said with worried voice.

"Yep. I bet if Alex didn't insist to drive me home God knows, I probably have to walk." Alex is my best friend for 5 years. "Better yet, let's both get tuck to bed. Ugh can't imagine how tired I was"

"Okay, I guess. Night."


After taking a shower I changed into my pj's and jumped on my bed. Staring at the ceiling and reminiscing things. You're not gonna cry, are you? I thought bitterly. Life was never easy for me and my brother but I will not dare give it the satisfaction to see me give up. I closed my eyes tightly and drifted into slumber.

My eyes fluttered open, I stretched my arms and turned my alarm clock off. I stood up and brushed my teeth on the bathroom and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, after a jiffy I called my brother to join me, I glanced at him and noticed a frown on his handsome face.

"Guess somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed, huh. " He just rolled his eyes. "Hey, what's wrong?Problem at school? Or you got dumped? You know you can tell your pretty sissy here. " I said while putting our breakfast on the table and he just shook his head.

Joseph took a deep breath and let out a deep sigh. "Ahmm" he sighed again. The look on his face is making me anxious. "I, I want to stop my stud--"

"WHATTTT!!!!" I cut him off. "No, no! How many times do we have to go through this! Ugh! It's not even something to talk about. I told you, you will finish college. End of conversation."

"But- I, I can't take it anymore. Seeing you come home looking all worn out everyday, if you want I'll work a part time job, please let me help." He pleaded.

I let out a long deep sigh. "Enough Joseph, I want you to focus on your studies. Don't worry about me, nothing in this world will make me any happier than seeing you walk on a stage with a diploma! This is our dream, my dream for you. Please let's not talk about this."

"I can't lose you." He looked down and sniffed.

I held his left hand and looked straight into his eyes, "I'll be fine and I won't be going anywhere. Okay? You can never get rid of me." I smiled sadly at him and he nodded. "Very well then are you ready? Allan will be here any minute soon."

I was about to sip on my coffee when I heard a loud knock on the door.

"I'll get it." My brother said. After a minute my brother called me.

"Yes?What do we owe this visit sir?" I said to the aged man standing at our door.

"Good morning Ms. Simon. I'm attorney Rafael Sebastian, Mr. Monterro's lawyer and he sent me here to discuss few matters with you." He said as he shook my hand.

I led him to the sofa and let my brother leave.

"As I was saying Mr. Monterro sent me to discuss few matters..... about your loan. And as sorry as I was he's getting impatient. If you're aware Ms. Simon, your last due will be next month and you have paid not even half of it."

"But sir, please give us more time. I promise I'll find a way. Please, just a little more time."

"Until when, Ms. Simon?As far as I know you're already working on two jobs and yet your salary weren't even enough for you and your brother's daily living." He said indulgently. "But..... Mr. Monterro has a proposition for you," I looked up at him with hope in my eyes. "And that's the reason why I came here Ms. Simon. Mr. Monterro is inviting you to his house to discuss about it. And let me give you a piece of advice Ms. Simon, do not decline his offer. It's for your own good." He said keenly. "He will be expecting you today, I hope you won't ignore this and meet him before he changes his mind. Goodbye and good day Ms. Simon."

I leaned on the closed door as I took a deep breath. After taking a bath I decide to put on a skinny jeans and simple chiffon blouse. I looked at the mirror and satisfied on my look, I set off.



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