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mackenzies heels clicked loudly on the floor as she strutted out of the girls bathrooms and headed to her schools cafeteria. she was supposed to be helping her cheer girls run a practice, but figured they could just do without her because she wanted to go get lunch with johnny. oh well; their loss, not hers.

quickly stopping off at her locker on the way, she shoved her books in the tiny compartment, pushing hard to make them all fit. it was then she noticed that she was the only one in the hall making any noise– all conversation and chatter had fallen and it was completely silent aside from mackenzie being her usual loud self.

she looked conspicuously to her left at a group of girls that were clustered together, whispering. as they saw her look, most of them turned away. one girl held her gaze– it was hayley leblanc, staring at kenzie with pity filled eyes. the alarm bells rang in mackenzies head, as she knew hayley should have been at cheer. they had an important competition this weekend and there was no way they would have called practice off unless something was seriously wrong.

mackenzie was tempted to ask hayley what was up but she knew she couldn't– hayley was a sophomore, and she couldn't be associated with her.

shutting her locker, makenzie turned around again. a group of nerdy boys sitting in the corner were grinning at her with flushed cheeks. one of them winked.

beyond confused, mackenzie put her head down and continued on her way to the cafeteria, walking so fast that if she wasn't so careful she'd sprain an ankle in her heels. a crowd of jocks at the door to a classroom wolfwhisted as she hurried past them– she looked back, upset, and they were all laughing obnoxiously at her.

heart picking up, she took the steps downstairs two at a time. what the hell was going on and why was everyone looking at her like this– like she was wearing the most provocative clothing on the earth? her bag slung over her shoulder, she pushed the double doors to the cafeteria open.

the whole room– the room with at least 2000 students inside– quietened when she walked in he doors. whispers broke out among the table groups, and mackenzie looked around frantically for johnny and his friends. upset, she held back tears.

why were people looking at her like that? so hostile, and so full of hatred? and on the other hand, why did some look shocked? why did almost every single person have their phones out? why were some people videoing her?

"kenz." johnny pushed his way through the crowd. he looked destroyed, and had obviously been crying. his face was blotchy, eyes raw, and hair array.

"what's wrong?" she said, walking towards him. "what's happened? are you okay?"

they both met, and she took his hands, looking up at him. there were tears falling down his cheeks. "i'm sorry, i'm so sorry." his voice was cracking but he was keeping it low so all of the other students couldn't hear him.

"what? tell me what happened!" she pleaded, reaching up to wipe away his tears.

"your nudes, they were leaked." he twisted his mouth, upset.

mackenzie took a step back. "what?" she gasped, mind reeling.

he shook his head. "i don't know how, i just don't know."

"so– so what?" she whispered frantically, "everyone has them?"

"well," he looked away, swallowing back the lump in his throat, "have you checked your instagram feed?"

"no." mackenzie whispered back, crying, as dread unfurled in this pit of her stomach.

he pulled his phone out of his pocket as they put their heads together. he was shaking, and that caused her to lose it. she let the tears flow.

he pulled up his camera roll and showed her the screenshots of her recent instagram photo. she gasped when she saw the photo of herself absolutely naked from the waist up, finally realizing that this was real and it wasn't going to go away anytime soon. people would be talking about this for weeks.

"is it still there? is it deleted, or reported, or something?" she looked up at him with eyes full of terror.

"it's still there and people have the screenshots. as soon as lunch started everyone started airdropping them around the cafeteria like crazy and that's why everyone's fucking looking at us like we're insane."

"fuck." mackenzie swore, crying. she could hardly wrap her head around it.

he cut her off by nodding. "i fucked up, i'm sorry." he was crying now, the tears coming thick and fast. "you're going to hate me."

mackenzie felt like she was going to be sick. "what do you mean?" she sobbed, forgetting everyone in the room even existed. when she was with johnny, the rest of the world always floated away, but this was different. she literally couldn't focus on anything else.

"i wanted to take the photo down as soon as i saw it in english, and i was so mad... the photo had only been up for a few minutes and not many people had seen it so i tried guessing your password to get into your account but i got them all wrong and now you're probably locked out on all devices..."

"that's why i didn't get any notifications..." mackenzie whispered, horrified.

johnny looped his hands around his neck, stressed out beyond belief. "i just don't understand how the hacker got them, and i don't understand why–"

"hold on." mackenzie stepped abruptly back, voice rising with hysteria. "someone hacked your phone, not mine. you were the one with the screenshots." she took another step back, absolutely horrified at him.

she'd trusted him, not knowing all this time he had pictures of her naked.

his mouth dropped open. "i thought you knew!"

"i was not aware of this!" she yelled at him. "i did not consent to them being screenshotted!"

dimly, mackenzie was aware of the crowd listening in, and she looked around, horrified. she was stressed, wound up, mad, angry, sad, confused, upset, annoyed– all of these emotions coursed through her and she didn't know what one to act upon first.

johnny shook his head at her, incredelous. "you knew! your nudes were the first thing you ever texted me, for gods sake! desperate much?"

the whole cafeteria gasped at johnnys outburst.

with blurry vision, mackenzie swiped her eyes around the whole cafeteria. there was her cheer girls, hayley in the centre with the rest crowded around her. next to them was the football boys, and next to them was the basketball crew. there were the skaters, the film club nerds, the theater geeks, and the weirdos. and finally the popular crowd. maddie was standing there with a hand over her mouth, kailand's arm wrapped around her side. laurn, nadia, and maisy stood in a corner as mandla looked anxious off to the side. no one moved to comfort her.

she was beginning to think she could make a run for it until hayden summerall walked into the room, all swagger and righteousness. he tried to pull johnny away from her, but johnny pushed him off, angry.

"listen to me." hayden snarled.

johnny looked up at him.

"i did this." hayden said.

almost everyone on the scene gasped.





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