15. Mother Knows Best

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"Mom!" I grinned as I answered the door of my apartment to be greeted by my mom. I smiled in adoration as I admired her petite frame, she was dressed in her signature gray cable knitted cardigan a wide smile spread on her face as she pulled me in or a hug.

My mom was the only person (apart from Ollie, of course) in my life that had truly been there for me and supported me in everything I did in life.

Ever since my dad had died when I was younger, we have formed an incredible bond that makes me appreciate her more than ever and all the things that she has done for me over the years.

"Ah mi amada! How are you." She cried as she embraced me into a tight hug. My mom was Latina and more often than not, she loved to use Spanish nicknames for me. My dad was American, he grew up in New York, making me half Latina.

"I'm good mom, and how are you?" I asked, taking her bag off of her shoulder and setting it down for her, taking her hand and guiding her into my apartment.

"I'm good, apart from your auntie Julianne badgering me about when you are going to come and pay us all a visit." She laughed, although I knew that is what she wanted, however I honestly just never got round to visiting. I always found an excuse to not go back and visit our family home, it reminded me of my dad.

I usually see my mom on one day every month, sure I wish I could see her more often, but I believed that it made the times that I do see her more special.

I made us a cup of tea as we sat on the sofa crossed legged facing one another, updating the other on our lives, the good and the bad.

She explained to me how my great aunt has been quite ill recently, and how my cousin Dana is now newly engaged to her childhood sweetheart.

"Have you lost weight?" She stared at me in surprise as she glanced me up and down, interrupting my rant about a recent client who refused to pay for photos I had taken as they were not up to their standard.

"I have mom, I've actually joined a gym and have a personal trainer. I'm glad to see I'm not paying him for nothing." I laughed lightly.

"I see, a him, what's he like?" She asked, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

Any time my mom found out a boy was in my life, no matter who it was, or why they were in my life, it caused excitement to grow, and her to create scenarios in her head. For example, the first few years of Ollie and I's friendship, she was deadest on us marrying and spending the rest of our lives together. Even to this day, she still makes small comments about us getting married despite both Ollie and I denying any romance between us.

"Before you get any ideas or get too excited mom, he's just my personal trainer. I see him four times a week and that is it." I laughed, trying to nip her excitement in the bud as soon as possible.

"You're lying to me, you have a smile on your face. You like him!" She grinned excitedly as she waited for me to tell her.

"I do have some feelings towards him, however I know nothing will ever happen between us as he is too stubborn to open up and tell me how he feels." I huffed. Every time I thought about my situation with Luke it annoyed me.

"And have you told him how you feel?" She asked, raising her eyebrows, knowing all too well I had not opened up to him either.

"Well no, but I want to be sure he feels the same way about me before I reveal my feelings to him."

"Come on sky, you know that's not fair. How can you expect the poor boy to be open with you and tell you how he feels if you don't tell him! Perhaps he is waiting for you to make the first move because he wants to be sure." She spoke, a smug look on her face as she knew that she was speaking some sense to me.

She was right, it wasn't fair that I expected Luke to share his feelings when I had not yet shared mine either.

"And for all you know, this boy could have had his heart broken so badly that he is afraid to show how he truly feels in fear that he will be left heartbroken again. You'd be surprised at how many boys feel this way." My mom was a therapist, which benefited me greatly as she always seemed to have something to say that could help me.

"You're right. And his names Luke." I smiled.

"Of course I'm right, I'm always right, now show me a photo of this Luke." She laughed.

We spent the rest of our day chatting and eating, before we had to end our monthly ritual of getting together.

Once my mom had left, her words of advice ran through my head, making me wonder if I should straight up tell Luke how I feel.

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