Chapter 10

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Aviss came downstairs to see Aro eating cereal with Evelynn and Kai. "Hey guys." He said casually as he got himself some cereal two. The others just looked at him and then went back to eating. Aviss sat next to them and they just simply moved away. "Guys. Seriously, I don't know what you guys expect from me." Aviss said with a smug smile. "An apology would be nice." Aro said. "Aviss rolled his eyes. "I'm sorry Aro for being right. And for being myself." He said. "That was the worst apology ever." Evelynn said. "Honestly it's the best apology he's done." Aro said with some disappointment. "That's utterly pathetic." Kai said. "I know." Aro said. Aviss then got up and clasped his hands. "So, who wants to see what my clones can do?" Aviss said with some excitement. Everyone simply looked away quietly, not really interested. "Guys?" He asked. "Not really." Aro said quietly. "Yeah, we just want to relax." Kai said. Aviss rolled his eyes and went to the yard. "You know what? I'll go watch you. Just to humor you." Evelynn said as she got up to go with him. "Watch this." Aviss said as he got up, he then summoned his clones. "Really? We've seen this multiple times." Evelynn said rather annoyed. Aviss then smiled and the clones moved swiftly and circled Evelynn. He then crossed his arms and teleported to one of their locations, and did it again, and again, and again. "Even better, they can take a hit." Aviss said, Evelynn then punched a clone and it crumbled to dust. "Still not strong enough." She said with a sly smirk. Aviss rolled his eyes, "of course they won't take a punch like that. But they are so much more durable than my last ones." Aviss said proudly. "Hey, now that I realize it, where's Akali?" He added. "On a double date with Dylon and Ahri." She said crossing her arms. "A double date?" He asked a bit shocked. "Is she dating Dylon?" He asked quietly. "No, she went out last night and found some guy she had in common with. They planned a date this morning and Ahri wanted to take Dylon since Akali invited her and she didn't want to feel like a third wheel." Evelynn said. Aviss looked away and scratched his chin, "huh, well, let me know when she gets back ok?" Aviss said as he grabbed his staff and left the house.

"Well this is a new emotion I'm getting off of you." Elpis said as Aviss walked along the small town wearing his hoodie. "Which is?" Aviss asked. "It's the little green monster." Elpis teased. "I couldn't find a tissue ok?" Aviss growled as he wiped his nose. "I'm not talking about boogers you idiot. It's jealousy!" He said. "What? Me jealous? What do I have to be jealous of?" He asked his talking staff. "Hm, well your heart rate definitely increased when you asked about Akali. Then your palms began to sweat when Eve said she was out with someone. "She's an independent girl, I'm happy for her." Aviss said as he looked both ways before crossing the street. "Whatever you say lone wolf. Personally I didn't fondle with potential mates because it made it more difficult to rule." Elpis confidently said. "You sure it was because of you and not the fact girls weren't into you?" Aviss snidely remarked. "Excuse you! I am the peak of male beauty!" Elpis shouted. "Whatever helps you sleep at night." Aviss said as he ran to a window. "What are you even doing outside anyway?" Elpis asked. "Dylon usually takes to this breakfast diner, which means..."

"Akali and her date must be here." Elpis said finishing Aviss's sentence. "But why are you checking up on her if you didn't care?" Elpis asked. "Just gotta make sure the guy isn't some enemy or whatever." Aviss said. "Totally not jealous..." Elpis said quietly. Aviss then saw Dylon who stuck out like a sore thumb with his hat, and Ahri who was next to him and had her hand close to his. "Oh looks like Dylon might actually have an admirer." He commented to himself. He then saw the back of Akali's head and the guy next to her. From what he could tell, the guy was a bit on the brawny side, black spiked hair and a jacket on top. Akali then got up and excused herself from the table and went away. "Wait where are you going?" He quietly said. "Probably to the bathroom?" Elpis said.

"No I'm right behind you." Akali said crossing her arms. Aviss jumped and held his chest. "By the Gods! Could you give me a warning?!" He shouted. "Want to tell me why you're spying on me?" Akali said as she placed her hands on her hips. "First off, how did you know I was outside?" Aviss asked.

"Ninja assassin remember?" Akali said.

"She got you there." Elpis commented.

"Just checking on Dylon and making sure he's doing ok." Aviss said with his quick mind. " you aren't here because I'm on a date right?" Akali asked. "Don't really care. But what I do care is that he's not spilling his guts everywhere." Aviss said. "It wasn't my choice. I wanted to bring Ahri but she wanted to bring Dylon with her." Akali said. "Eve said it was a double date. Does Dylon know?" Aviss asked. "Uhh I don't think Ahri sees Dylon that way." She said with a raised eyebrow. "I can see if people like each other, and those two definitely have some chemistry." Elpis said with a side comment. "No one asked you Elpis." Akali said. "Look. Just go back home ok? Don't ruin this for me." She added before going back inside. "Psssh. Was already heading home anyway." Aviss said as he put his hands in his pockets and went home. "Think we can stop for ramen? I'm kinda hungry." Elpis asked. "You don't eat." Aviss replied. "You caught me. But you didn't eat breakfast and I kinda rely on you to be in your best shape if you want to fight with me." Elpis said. Aviss gave a soft smile. He knew that if everyone in the world left him, he still had his annoying, yet helpful staff by his side. "Ok let's get some." Aviss said.

"Nice!! Four bowls!" Elpis shouted.

"No. Only one."

"Two?" Elpis asked.

"Hmmm. Fine. Two it is." Aviss said as he sat down, and drowned himself in some ramen.

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