⚫Chapter 59⚫

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Everyone watched as Leilani slipped on the ring. She stood up with the little life she had left and started charging towards Roman. Her eyes began to glow as she looked at him with hatred. Her hair illuminated with light as it moved swiftly in the air. Her shoes had been removed and now she had on a pair of golden sandals that swirled up to her calves. Her outfit was now a white dress with golden specks.


When Roman's wolf finally stood up, Leilani flew towards him and shot out her hand causing his wolf to immediately fall back onto the ground. His large wolf instantly returned to its normal size.

It was quiet. Everything had become still again. The only difference was that Regnum Ignis was a disaster. Several trees lay broken on the ground with their branches disconnected. The ground was muddy and the rocks were cracked. It didn't even look like Regnum Ignis.

The hybrid wolf shifted back releasing each Alpha into their human forms.

Blaike- Did she just fly?

Leilani took this time to look at herself. She was utterly shocked that she could fly. She wondered what else she could do. She then looked down at her hand and her shoes. 

As Roman's wolf lay there, many wolves from each domain started running towards him but Leilani instantly stopped them. "No, we are not going to kill him."

He lay there in fear as he stared at her.

"Is this what you wanted? To destroy this beautiful place that you were blessed with from the moon goddess? To put the many children and families living here in danger and fear? To kill innocent wolves from every domain who only wanted peace and harmony? To destroy the earth and all its goodness? To kill millions of lives living there leaving their families heartbroken?" Leilani asked him as the tears continued falling down her face. "To kill my mate E-Elias, your n-nephew?" she sobbed.

"I wanted to prove to everyone that I was able."

"Able to do what? The only thing you proved to everyone was how selfish and arrogant you are. You never think of others and how your decisions can impact them. It's always about you!" she yelled. Suddenly his body began to rise up in the air as she began to choke him.

"Leilani," Mateo said in hesitation.

"I won't kill you because I don't agree with the death sentence, but you will learn the hard way."

And with that, she let go of him causing him to fall onto the ground coughing and gasping for air.

Leilani suddenly shut her eyes bringing her hands over Roman's wolf. Immediately a golden light poured out of them and into him. He yelled in pain as everyone watched a miraculous thing happen. His wolf was slowly pulled off of him. As Leilani groaned with anger she continued stripping Roman free from his wolf. Once it was completely off of him, it disintegrated leaving Roman lying on the ground with a pair of shredded shorts on.

"You are no longer Alpha Ignis."

After those six words were said, the dark night had suddenly disappeared. It was daytime as the clouds thrived in the air. Regnum Ignis returned to its original state. The moon remained in the sky watching over Latum Alterum. Leilani had also felt the earth changing. It was being restored. The tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires, mudslides, and sand storms were undone. All the lives that were lost had been found. The earth was back to normal as if nothing had happened. Her pack house stood on its foundation not showing any sign of damage.

Isidora and Oleta both started walking towards Roman. "Why?" Isidora cried as she looked at her father's state. "WHY?"

"I am sorry. I wanted to prove to the world that I wasn't useless and pathetic. I wanted the world to see how great I was."

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