Ashley Davies: Defense Attorney

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"This is all just too much for me, Ashley." She tells me and I roll my eyes. I've heard this speech before. Hundreds of times actually.

I get with a girl, we date for a while, we exchange I love you's and then suddenly my schedule is too much for them to handle.

I should be used to it by now really, but I guess I always see the best in people.

"Look Michelle. It's fine." I say and shrug. "I get it. My lifestyle is too much for you to handle, it's totally fine." I drawl out and smile sarcastically.

She nods and hugs me before saying, "I'm glad you understand baby." And kisses me on the forehead.

"Right." I purse my lips and nod as she grabs her bags and head out the front door.

I sigh and go to the fridge to grab a beer then flop down on my couch.

"Another one bites the dust." I say then hold my beer up in a toast before taking a swig.


"I told you it wouldn't last." Jackson says to me as we enter the elevator. I roll my eyes at him and smile.

"You only said that cause you want me for yourself." I tell him pointedly and he shrugs and nods.

"You're right. But come on Davies. I've told you once and I'll tell you again, you're way too hot to be wasting your beauty on one sex. I say live it up a little. Venture out." He says seriously, using hand gestures to get his point across.

Jackson has been trying to get in my pants since the moment I met him on our first day of Law School and although I turned him down, we've been friends ever since. Jackson isn't bad on the eyes either. His 6'5 frame towers over my tiny 5'6 frame. He has green eyes and short black hair that accents his perfectly shaped face. But... I love girls.

"Never gonna happen." I sure him.


"Jackson. I loves the women and the women only. Got it?!" I say sternly and he nods as the elevator dings signaling that we've reached our floor.

"You break my heart Davies." He tells me putting his hand over his heart and smiling.

"I break a lot of hearts." I smile as I walk in the other direction towards my office.

"Good morning Ms. Davies, can I get you a coffee or espresso?" Madison, my secretary asks me.

"A coffee would be marvelous, thank you Madison." I tell her and she nods and smiles.

"Oh, ADA Russell called, he wants to know if you're still on for golf this weekend, Michelle called but she didn't leave a message, and Judge Hallawell called and said that she's going to have to cancel dinner tonight but will call you tomorrow to reschedule." She finishes, handing me my mail and messages.

"Thank you Madison." I say then head into my office. I contemplate calling Michelle but think better of it. I mean, she just broke up with me last night. What could she possibly want not even twenty-four hours later. I take a seat behind my desk and grab a file from the stack of them on my desk.

"Here's your coffee Ms. Davies." Madison says and places the coffee on my desk.

"Thanks." I smile and she nods before exiting my office.

In case you're wondering. No, Madison and I haven't slept together. Okay, once it almost happened after an office party but we were both really drunk and clearly out of our minds but we came to our senses and realized how extremely bad of an idea it was and promptly proceeded to get dressed.

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