Prologue-A Wolf And His Kitty

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I know many of you wanted Jedidiah and Manny to be mates but they are not. Jedidiah needs someone to be there for him that isn't related to him or doesn't have that pull. Manny is just his best friend and they will be just that. Sorry, not really, if you are disappointed. 


A Wolf And His Kitty

"A wolf will always protect his kitty." I say gruffly and he beams up at me making my heart hammer in my chest.

"A kitty will always love his wolf." He giggles and throws his arms around my waist tightly. "Are you the big bad wolf Jedidiah?" Sora asks with a teasing smile that makes me lips twitch into a tiny grin.

"And if I am?" I raise a brow and place my hands on his lower back before pulling him closer.

"Well if you are then it's pretty obvious." He says seriously before pushing away from me and stepping back making me frown.

"What is?" I ask and watch him closely as he walks away quickly. 

"I'm your kitty, so you better come protect me!" He says before running straight towards the cliff.

I curse under my breath and chase after him as he sprints straight towards the edge. His loud giggles make a smile finally break out over my face as I catch up with him. Just as he lunges I wrap my arms around his slim waist and we go flying over the edge of the cliff. I turn so my back is facing the bottom and he's tucked protectively in my chest.

Ice cold water surrounds us as we fall into the lake and it makes a shiver run through my spine. I quickly swim us back up to the surface and shake out my hair when my head breaks through the water. Looking down I see Sora beaming up at me with twinkling eyes. If he wasn't my mate I would definitely hold his head under the water for making me jump into the cold ass lake. 

"Are you crazy? You could have gotten hurt." I say with a frown while brushing his wet hair out of his eyes.

"It was fun. Cliff jumping is on my bucket list and now I can check it off." He says with a large grin before he leans back and peacefully floats in the water.

My eyes trail down his face and to his small body. His shirt is already tight but now that it's wet I can see the faint outlines of his tiny abs. He's perfect and he's all mine. I never thought I could love anyone so quickly, so deeply, so...purely. I'm not pure though, I'm dirty and I don't want to taint him with my vile past. I can't let him go though because he's my mate. I don't even know him all that well but I want to. For once in what seems like forever I want to hold someone close and not push them away. I want to talk to him, hold him, kiss him and just be around him. 

"Jedidiah?" He calls making my eyes snap to his.

"Yes?" I whisper while staring into his beautiful bright eyes.

"You were staring and if you kept doing it I was going to get an erection. I just want to prevent that." He says bluntly before closing his eyes again making me smile and shake my head. 

"I'm a wolf." I say and he giggles loudly making me chuckle softly.

"I'm a kitty." He answers while swimming closer and cuddling into my chest.

"You're my kitty." I whisper as I wrap my arms around his tiny waist and he nods against my chest as we float in the water.

"You're my wolf." He says softly and I press my lips to his wet hair.

I wonder how he'll feel if he knew I really was a wolf. 

So the story of Jedidiah will start soon! I hope you all enjoy it even though Manny and Jedidiah aren't together! :)

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