Chapter 9-hurt

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A/N: A bit of language.

If two of her friends ignoring her wasn't enough, Avi had left for the weekend. So now she really only had Kevin, and their new found friend, Matt. 

It may not seem like a big deal, but she knew that people seemed to target her when she was alone, and she only had one class with the two boys.

Avi seemed to notice this, so he had a conversation with Kevin about it.
"Hey, Kev? I gotta go to a family reunion this week, can you guys please look over her?" Avi asked his best friend. He had finally discovered he loved her, and he knew other kids liked to pick on her when he wasn't around.

Hopefully, his friends would seem scary enough for them to back off. He couldn't stand to see her hurt. 

"Matt and I will do our best. Scott and Mitch are still pretty upset about yesterday." He sighed.

"Really, she explained what happened to me. Apparently, she was just really upset because she wanted to prove she could do something on her own. She's been trying to apologize for it all week,"  Avi groaned. They all knew she had trouble communicating, so why couldn't they of been a bit more patient.

"I don't know, man. I'm sure they'll make up soon. Kev and I will keep an eye on her." Matt grinned at the bearded male.

Matt seemed to click with the group on day one. He was great with explaining things for Kirstie and translating her words into things the group could understand. He was just a great friend over-all.

Now, Avi was gone and the duo was still trying to avoid her. She tried everything to apologize, so finally, today she slipped a letter into each of their lockers explaining why she freaked out and saying she was sorry.

That still didn't seem to fix things, as they still tried to keep their distance.

She understood, she was just some messed up freak no one liked, what would make them any different?

That day, when Kirstin had told their choir teacher Avi was absent, she could feel eyes on her.

"No big, bad boy to keep you safe." The blonde snickered.

Kirstie tried to ignore her comments, she really did, but it was getting too much.

She had always struggled with mental health, and she could feel all the anxiety weighing down on her.

She just lost two friends and knew she couldn't handle this right now.

As soon as the bell rang, he sprinted out of the door to her next class.

The one she shared with Kevin and Matt was quite enjoyable, but that was the only good part of the day.

Since Avi was out of town, and the other two that lived in her neighborhood weren't talking to her, she was forced to walk home alone.

While passing just around the side of the school building, a force pulled her into the alley.

"Hey, Bitch." The blonde growled.

Kirstin's breath hitched in the back of her throat when she noticed the two tall boys behind her.

"W-why?" She stuttered in confusion. Why was she here?

"We just thought we'd show you that you can't ignore us and get away with it." The brunette boy growled, shoving her against the wall.

She let out a small whimper of pain. 

"Don't. Please." She croaked out.

That didn't stop them, as once the first blow can they continued non-stop.

By the end, she had her knees pulled up to her chest, a black eye, busted lip, and alarming shades of purple all over her tan skin.

Once she was sure they were gone, a few tears escaped her eyelids.
Why did she have to be such a freak? Why couldn't she be normal like anyone else?

Sighing, she stood up shakily on her bruised knees only to fall back down.

Did she deserve this? Was this what she was made to look like? A messed up, ugly, freak at the bottom of the social pyramid.

Eventually, she just started bawling, letting all of her emotions out.

"Kirstie? Are you okay?" She recognized the deep, baritone voice.

It was Scott, but why would he care? He hated her now.

"Oh, God. Kirstie!" The familiar tenor ran to him next to the slightly older teen.

"What happened, Kirstie? Who hurt you?" Scott gasped, gently picking her up.

"Kevin! We need to treat her!" Scott called.

The male looked up from his car,  immediately jumping into the driver's seat when he saw her disheveled state.

They soon pulled up at the dinner.

"Oh, sweetie! Are you okay?" Esther gushed, pulling her into the back room.

After cleaning up all of her cuts and bruises, she got an ice pack for her eye.

"Kirstie, who hurt you," Scott growled. The blonde had prepared himself to take someone down.

"School kids." She frowned, as she didn't know their names.

Kevin wiped her tears with the pads of his thumbs.

"Shh, It's alright." He cooed, "you're safe now."

"I'm so sorry we didn't protect you." Scott cried, pulling her into a warm embrace.

"Not mad?" She asked softly.

Scott shook his head rapidly, "no, not at all." He smiled.

"We're sorry we made such a big deal out of it. We should have waited to let you explain yourself. You're an amazing friend, and I'm so sorry we let this happen." Mitch continued on, joining in on the hug.

"I feel excluded." Kevin frowned, causing Kirstin to make grabby hands at him. Chuckling, he joined in on the hug.

The next few days Scott and Mitch were glued to her side, glaring at anyone who so much as looked at her weirdly.

It was still really tough for her, but she refused to go back to that toxic mindset, she had done a lot of bad things to herself, but know, with her friends by her side, she could fight it

At lunch, they were all laughing at random jokes, Kevin checking on her sue every 2 minutes.

She had no idea how much she missed this.

She had her best friends back.

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