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I kneel at the door hand up on my knees legs spread while kneeling on the ground, my eyes stay fixed on the floor they are alwase fixed on the floor, this is my submissive pose. If I don't know what is expected of me in any given moment I resume this pose, if I have no instructions I resume this pose and if I am told to i resume this pose no mater what.
After finishing my chores I must wait at the door like this for my master to come home this is unless he has tied me in some other way or had devised some sort of game normally at my expense he often dose this sometias a punishment others for his enjoyment.
I sit here waiting for him, I'm alwase wet waiting for him in anticipation. I am not permitted to touch myself, I never am... unless my master wants me to tease myself or has chosen to deny me the pleasure that he could provide me his touch, his words, his cock.

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