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hugo to sleep😴 created a new group

hugo to sleep😴
guys, were getting together to
organise this whole valentines
day destroying thing at mine
on thursday!

lets gooo!! this is gonna
be so good!!!!

hugo to sleep😴
i'm so excited! everyone at
school is so annoying with
all of their gross relationships!

sherlock's enemy😈
i agree
theyre absolutely
disgusting 🤮

i cant deal with it anymore

perry the platypus🐦
thursday sounds good hugo!
valentines day is on monday
so that means that we only
have less than a week left to
handle 🤷🏻‍♀️

that's so true! i cant wait to
do this guys! i hope that we
pull this off well!

hugo to sleep😴
we totally will. i dont
doubt us at all 😬

nancy drew🔎
that sounded sarcastic...

spicy latino👅💦
yeah are you
doubting us hugo?

hugo to sleep😴
no not at all...
i'm just worried in
case we get caught

ohhh don't worry about that!
we'll be fine! and if we do
get caught, we'll be heroes
for even attempting something
like this!

sherlock's enemy😈
well why don't we start
earlier than thursday then?
how about we meet at
bennies diner tomorrow?

yeah! it makes more sense
to start earlier if youre

hugo to sleep😴
okay then, ill see you
guys tomorrow!


sorry for such a short one!
I hope you guys liked it!!!!
the lower case letters and
lack of punctuation are
intentional by the way!!!
characters in this chapter
were created by brightstaars
anti-heroines imweirdbutokay
honeyholland -rvmance


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