Shadow's pov

I was trying not to get caught but it was hard for me to run while using crutches I killed my brother for self defense but it was an accident killing my abusive brother. I finally made it to MT. Ebbot and I jumped so I can kill myself so I don't have to suffer anymore. I've been falling for 15 minutes but I winded up losing consciousness to falling from a height but others survived that fall as well.

-2 hours later-

I woke up from another set of my recurring nightmares and grabbed my crutches and avoided Temmie and already at ruins with a male goat monster. My narcissistic side was getting the better of me so I just brushed it off and went through the ruins with Asgore but hiding my pain of being messed up from the trauma. I'm so glad that my brother was back.... Not. But I definitely felt the prescence something doesn't seem right. It just feels like I'm only supposed to listen to that voice to do Genocide but I didn't wanna wind up doing Genocide or Neutral so that the monsters can be happy I got the thinking about freeing the monsters allowing them to be up at the surface like last time. Anyways I know I can't reset as a Kindness and Fairness traits it shouldn't be too hard to make it through. I wouldn't wanna worry anyone because of my recurring nightmares that happens all the time and same with my phobia. I know it's not a laughing matter but should I tell them just so they don't pull pranks? Or should I not and just let it happen? Well whatever I was already at the house in the Ruins with Asgore so he shown me to the room and I went in and went to bed to mope in my own sorrows and pain.

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