Chapter 16

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Things escalated at dinner when Leiann stormed out of the restaurant after yet another provocation by Daejeong. Now, the latter is in TWICE's room, with Jeongyeon only.

Daejeong: Let's lock the door.

Jeongyeon: That's a bad idea.

Daejeong: It's a good idea. Now, hand me the keys before I change my mind.

A reluctant Jeongyeon hands Daejeong the keys to the room.

Daejeong: (locks the door) In case the others are back, we can buy some extra time.

Jeongyeon: What do you want to discuss?

Daejeong: Shhh. Just sit down.

Jeongyeon: (sits on the bed) You know, you're quite scaring me...

Daejeong: You have no clue of what I want to do with you, right? (Puts a finger on Jeongyeon's lips) Don't say a word. Just look at me. (Closes her eyes, then takes a deep breath) I mean... (Reopens her eyes) It's been a long time since we last talked face to face, just the two of us, without... you know...

Jeongyeon: What?

Daejeong: The truth is, Jeongyeon unnie... I... I... I love you. (Gulps) Okay, someone might've heard us. Let me check.

She unlocks the door, only to find someone at the threshold.

Daejeong: Who is it?

Only after about a minute, she realizes that it's Dahyun.

Daejeong: Have you heard anything?

Dahyun: I... I... I was just looking for Jeongyeon, that's it.

Daejeong: Hmm... Okay. I guess it's okay. But, if you really happen to have heard anything, please don't tell anyone. Especially Nayeon. You know...

Dahyun: You can't hide forever, Daejeong unnie.

Daejeong: Okay, you're right, but... (Pretends to look at her watch) Wow, I'm late! I really need to go, before someone catches me and forces me to pay for staying here just a few minutes. See you! (Leaves in a rush)

As soon as Daejeong leaves the fifth floor, Dahyun enters the room.

Dahyun: What happened?

Jeongyeon: Nothing serious.

Dahyun: You don't need to lie to me.

Jeongyeon: The problem is not you finding out. The point is, (lowers her voice) Daejeong confessed that she has feelings for me! Like, what?

Dahyun: Maybe she's confused. Or maybe you are. (Stares at the ceiling) On a higher note, why don't we do something fun?

Jeongyeon: Such as?

Dahyun: Perhaps we could watch TV and mock those trash talk shows. Or-

Jeongyeon: (points at a corner of the ceiling) Look!

Dahyun: What's that?

Jeongyeon: (takes a closer look at an object hanging there) It's... Oh my God! It's a GoPro!

Dahyun: Are you telling me that someone forgot their camera here?

As soon as Dahyun asks this question, some of the other girls barge into the room.

Jihyo: Cameras? Where?

Jeongyeon: (points at the GoPro) Over here.

Sana: Please tell me it's just hanging there by chance.

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