1 - This Is Normal. // Family

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TW: Implied abuse and neglect.

Dabi pov.

I lay awake, knowing I had no chance of sleeping, let alone sleeping at home. But, as I have been told, my family is normal. It's normal to hurt your children. It's normal to tell them they're worthless. It's normal to tell them they'll never make anyone happier. It's perfectly normal to burn and scar your children until they aren't recognised as the same person anymore. Because that's how families work. At least that's how mine do. We function normally. We act normally.
We treat each other normally too. Me, Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto, are from a perfectly normal family.
Because that's what our dad tells us.

But I hate living like this.

Shigaraki pov.

I lay awake in bed, fearing sleep. I love sleep. It's a form of escapism, right? Wrong. I always have these dreams, no, nightmares. And as much as I love to sleep, I hate to dream. But my Uncle tells me I'm overreacting, which is normal, right? It's normal to neglect your nephew. It's normal to tell your nephew nobody will even love him. It's normal to hit your brother's son. It's normal to tell him he has a villain's quirk. It's normal to tell a family member how they will never be happy. Because that's how you treat people you live with. That's how you treat your family. And we're a perfectly normal household.
Because that's what my uncle tells me.

But I'm tiring of trying to live like this.

Dabi pov.

I could have sworn I nearly felt myself slipping into the grasps of sleep, but then, before I could fall asleep, I heard my dad coming up the stairs. And although I hate to say this, I was terrified. I closed my eyes, and pretended to be asleep, but I couldn't tell if he bought it. He then stood by the door and said "downstairs," before leaving me alone once more. I didn't want to anger my father, so I walked downstairs as slowly as I could. "Touya, sit." he said, pointing aggressively at a chair around the table. I (rather reluctantly) sat down at the table opposite him. I was fully prepared for pain, and, as expected, I soon felt a sharp pain across my face. But, unfortunately, it soon evolved into so much more than a mere slap. It's a good thing I'm moving into dorms soon.

Shigaraki pov.

I ended up falling asleep, only to wake up, sweating, on the verge of tears and accidentally grabbing my blanket with all five fingers, making it decay due to my quirk. And now I was cold too. Fuck my life. It was already 6 so I decided to just get ready for school. It was the end of the summer holidays and we were moving into dorms, which I wasn't too thrilled about, but it'll be better than living with my uncle. I guess. People will actually notice I exist. How nice.

No pov.

I feel worthless.

I feel unnecessary.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: 503 words. It's shit but I'll publish it because I'm bored and could use a laugh. I know it's bad but feel free to tell me what you think. I guess.
- Grey. ♡

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