chapter five

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(Izuku pov)

"I-i- I should have never left! It's all my fault isn't it! I just didn't want him to worry about my old hag! Does that make me a bad person!? I could never live with myself if he had actually died! And pregnant!? What if something happens to the baby I would be the one to blame!" I hear shouto faintly whisper while crying I can't see anything tho its pitch black I want to ask what baby they are talking about but my voice doesn't work

"No baby please don't blame yourself none of this was your fault look the doctors said he will be fine and then when he wakes up we can all live happily agian none of this is your fault babe and the doctors said the baby is okay he is just underweight I am sure when he wakes up if he eats a little more then everything will be fine and you know we can always make more children please don't worry about it " i hear katsuki reply agian what baby did he get a girl pregnant wow I wish I was that girl...


I slowly open my eyes adjusting to the bright light 'why am I alive?' I thought as I looked at the plain white hospital walls,I wonder who saved it must have been bakugou as I look to my side to see shouto sleeping on katsuki's shoulder as katsuki looked at me with wide eye

"Deku your finally awake just a second i will go call the doctor!" Katsuki said as he left and came back with the doctor

"Glad to see you awake Izuku" the doctor said

"How long have I been asleep?"I asked

"You have been sleeping for 3 days now and congratulations you are 2 months pregnant!" The doctor said

"W-what? What do you mean I'm pregnant im boy!"i said back

"your pregnant coz (explains something I'm too dumb to understand about how boys can get pregnant don't attack me this is just fanfiction logic just please pretend for once mah child)" he said

"Uh huh"

"Well I will leave you guys alone now"

"Um what are you guys doing here" i said to katsuki

"what do you mean why we are here? Obviously we were worried sick shouto over here hasn't slept these past 3 days I finally convinced him to sleep a bit" katsuki replied looking at him then back at me as he slowly got up making sure not to wake up shoutou and came beside me to hold my hand and kiss it

"So you and shouto aren't leaving me?" I asked
I guess i was too loud coz shouto woke up

"Deku! I'm so happy your finally awake!"shouto said with a huge smile on his face as he got up to hug me

" guys aren't leaving me?!"i asked

"No why would we ever leave you shitty nerd " Kacchan said ruffling my hair

"What he means is that we love you with all our heart and would never leave you " shouto continued comming up to me to kiss my temples then he gave kacchan a small kiss

"But the note that you wrote to Kacchan..."i said

"Oi deku it was all a misunderstanding! Shouto's father is forcing half and half into marriage and half and half was talking about his escape plan!"kacchan said


"Well I guess we are running away now let's go back home and get ready to leave so we can go far away together after deku is out of the hospital" shouto said

"Wait where are we going shouto-chan?"I asked

"Oh right we are moving away" katsuki said

"Oh okay, does that- doesthatmeanwearebacktogether?"I rushed

"Oi deku speak a little slower" katsuki said

"Um..d-does that mean..we are b-back together?"I said quietly

"Yes of course we are" shouto said as he kissed my mouth for a few seconds as katsuki joined in it felt like fire works were going off and my stomach was doing the werid flippy things oh right I am pregnant I pull away from the heated kiss to catch my breath

"B-but what do you guys think about me being pregnant?"I asked

"We couldn't be happier!" Kacchan replied
"Mhmm" shouto hummed

"And maybe you could go see a therapist to get better the doctors said you were very underweight and that it wasn't good for the baby" shouto added

"Yea I think I would like that" i replied

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